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Journal of tf23 (175)

Wednesday September 03, 03

Commercializing Open Source Software

09:21 AM
Slash Plugins and Themes

Slashdot's got a story titled Commercializing Open Source Software.

OMG! Just CowboyRobot's summary of it struck a cord with me.

I cannot *count* the number of times people have emailed me asking for a feature from XYZ software (especially Slash plugins). They say "they need it for their site" or "they need it for a client" -- will I add it to XYZ for them??

I guess these people think I'm a millionaire and can donate my time to helping them with their personal sites or helping them *make money*.

The gull of people when they ask for modifications because they need it for a client. If you need it, write it. Submit a patch. That's the beauty of the src available - it's available for the benefit of all. And you're supposed to contribute *back* so that everyone continues to benefit.

Not a single offer, ever, from any of these requests, for payment, I might add.

Anyway, that article struck a cord with me. I think it's time to read it now :)


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