wrozmiarek's Journal http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/ wrozmiarek's Slashcode Journal en-us Copyright 2004, OSTG - Open Source Technology Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2012-01-25T04:40:17+00:00 Me admins@slashcode.com Technology hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 wrozmiarek's Journal http://images.slashcode.com/topics/topicslash.gif http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/ - Whew, lots of work this morning. http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/300?from=rss I finally finished up this thing at work today that had been staring me down like one of Roy's white tigers for a two weeks. I hope to have time this weekend to install slashcode modules. wrozmiarek 2003-10-10T16:16:18+00:00 announce No Time to Work on Installing Slashcode http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/299?from=rss I didn't get any time last night to play around with installing slashcode. Maybe tomorrow. I did watch the funniest nature show featuring John Cleese and Lemurs. Funny funny. wrozmiarek 2003-10-09T12:51:47+00:00 announce Slashcode is not easy... http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/298?from=rss Much to my wife's dismay, I spent several hours last night trying to install all of the perl modules necessary to install slashcode. I even compiled my own Apache and mod_perl. I'd rather have an auto updating RPM for Apache but there are advantages to compiling my own too. For some reason, I can't install DBD::mysql. It doesn't give much in the way of errors besides errors like "Cannot stat file such-and-such". I'm seriously considering tonight installing DBD::postgresql and running with Postgresql. That would be my preference, anyway. Slashcode.cod says that postgres support is only alpha but if they use Perl DBI for everything, it shouldn't matter what database I use, right? wrozmiarek 2003-10-08T12:34:34+00:00 announce I Like Slashcode http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/297?from=rss I've decided to go with slash as the software for my site <a href="http://gatheredtogether.org/">http://GatheredTogether.org</a> wrozmiarek 2003-10-07T17:56:02+00:00 announce Testing This Journal Thing http://www.slashcode.com/~wrozmiarek/journal/296?from=rss <p>This is my first and possibly last test of this cool journal thing.</p> wrozmiarek 2003-10-06T13:55:10+00:00 announce