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Customization Wish List

posted by CaptTofu on 09:35 AM June 23rd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Digital Desk writes "We run a small news service called Digital Desk which tries to focus on some of the meatier issues surrounding Information Technology. We run a conventional website at with a Lotus Domino back-end, and a TV news feature called, guess what, Digital Desk, which runs daily all across Canada."

We're just experimenting with the Slashcode, to see if we can make it behave. Roll over, Spot. So far what we've seen playing around with it is fantastic. We have some excellent help from one of Canada's best & brightest code guy, Neil Bortnak.

Some of the things we want to see if we can do to make Slashcode behave are:

1) more customization. We want Digital Desk to look more like Digital Desk & less like Cmdr. Taco's vision (no offence, Commander!).

2) better graphic insertion. we need a certain amount of eye candy to keep the non-techies coming back

3) A way of giving more prominence to the articles we write than what is written by the general public (yeah we believe in democracy but what's good about good journalism is our independence & investigative thoroughness. Trust is only earned after years of doing good work).

4) Some sort of 'knowledge well' that visitors can dip into where articles are catalogued by subject, quality, and authoritativeness.

5) A tool that will help us create a variety of online applications forms. We run contests & various interactive opportunities where we want contestants to tell us about their qualifications, etc.

And a lot of other stuff.

Our current site is quite successful in Canada in terms of traffic and public awareness, but it's a dog to keep refreshed (we post 2 - 4 original news articles 5 days a week).

We are really excited by the prospects of using Slashcode & would like to hear from anybody who might have some ideas on how to perfomr some radical customization.

Mark Schneider

Digital Desk

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  • I'll say it's a well-customized site (love9)! A good example of how you aren't bound by the slash 'motif'. Shows that you can customize your site however you wish, if you know html, perl and maybe mysql well enough. The content is, well, interesting also.
  • If you've got a perl wizard on staff, most of the things you've mentioned are pretty easy.

    1) more customization.
    Check out (no, this is not my site) Love9 [] for the best-customized Slash site I've seen

    2) better graphic insertion.
    Yeah, that would be really, really useful; but it's not impossible now - you just have to crack open the hood ;)

    3) A way of giving more prominence to the articles...
    This is where your perl wizard earns his/her keep :)

    4) Some sort of 'knowledge well'
    I'm doing this on my slash site by hacking the script and the page it produces. (We're calling it "The Resource Centre") searching by subject is already enabled - all you would need to do is add columns to the stories database for your 'quality' and 'authoritativeness' measure, and re-write the current search by 'authors' and 'sections' functions.

    5) A tool that will help us create a variety of online applications forms.
    Any decent wysywig html editor will do that these days - I'm not sure I understand why you need the Slash engine to do this...

    You can really do almost anything with the Slash code... the site I'm building will (hopefully) not look too much like a typical Slash site (for instance, the Slash engine doesn't run the homepage - what used to be is now buried deeper in our site).

    Best of luck with your site - check out the other slash sites - especially the ones you like the looks of, and if you can't figure out how they did soemting, email the webmaster and ask. Most of us are happe to brag :)


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