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Running Ads on a Slash site

posted by CaptTofu on 08:29 AM June 29th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
RobD writes "Back again for another round of questions and answers! Does anyone have just a clue on how to use slash's "built in" advertisement engine? I'm just wondering if there's a simple way to setup ad's on my page; would anyone know of a simple way to do it. I've tried adding my own code to Slash, but we won't get into that(Slash really wouldn't co-operate at all). If anyone would happen to have the CGI's that SlashCode uses or anything of that sort I'd love to get a copy.
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  • Cliff's banner ad "system" is simple and easy to use:

    You may also need to use this with it (it includes the results of a cgi script, useful for other purposes besides ads). It drawback: anyone with java disabled will defeat your ad system (but why would anyone disable java ;)?

    The Executer
    also available for free at htttp://
  • mod_adbanners is probably the best. Do a search on sourceforge, I think it's there.

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  • I personally use a perl script from
    I can't say it is the best in the world - but it works find for my Science Fiction banner exchange. Maybe if you were getting paid adverts that wouldn't be good enough.
    PS Anyone want to tell me how I can create a "static variable" in a template? - ie each advert
    I display I want to change the URL for - until I reach a high number and loop back to zero.
    -- SF and Computing Book News
  • slash_display('templatename',{
      intmax     => $maxnumber,
      intcurrent => $current_add_number});

    template 'templatename':

    [% IF intcurrent < maxnumber THEN %]

    [% ELSE %]

    [% END %]

    You *really* should read the documentation available to you at:

    lottadot []