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Three Suggestions for Daily Headlines

posted by pudge on 04:12 PM July 10th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
adam writes "I personally prefer email newsletters with some of the stories already in them. Might it be better to have Daily Headlines send each story's intro text rather (or as well as) its Dept? Remember, site owners can switch Dept off, so that Daily Headlines can contain merely stories' titles. It would also be nice if the user could choose to receive headlines either daily, weekly or monthly. And finally, might it be a good idea to have a configuration option to have majordomo handle the mailing? If there's an interest, I'd be glad to work on the patches if nobody more qualified can be bothered."

I've wanted something that would mail complete story text for awhile now.

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  • Hey, I'm interested in that too and was thinking of developing similar features but our little team won't have time until the fall at least...
    global = useless
  • What I do on Perl News [] is ouput two RSS files, one with headlines, one with complete stories. Technically, the RSS with the complete stories are not real RSS files, because I go way over the allowed length of the description field. But I don't care. :-)

    So anyway, we could just do the same: have two RSS files (slashcode.rdf and slashcode-complete.rdf). Of course, some people would not want the complete text of their stories so easily available, so it would have to be an add-on or a preference.