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New YASS System

posted by Krow on 07:21 PM June 26th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
As most of you know, sites.shtml (aka were we keep the Slash Site list) hardly if ever gets updated. Well, no more. If you submit your site (and it is approved) then it will make it to the list thanks to the fact that I no longer have to log into the site by hand but instead now just have it setup to pull the info from the stories table.
On a side note, the list is the full list of sites that I had. There are dead sites in the list, and there are sites that no longer run slash. Submissions on these dead/non slash sites are appreciated. If your site is missing then please drop me a note in submissions and I will try to get your site setup.
On other note, if you are a consultant who wants to do consulting for slash, send me your name and a URL/mailto and I will add you to the sites file.

And on one final note, the list finally has, so you can stop writing in to tell me it is a slash site :)

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  • Well, today my new site was added. However it grabbed the wrong URL from the yass story. the link on the slashsites page reads when the site is at
  • Great work. I used to check out sites.shtml frequently, to see what people were up to with Slash. Nice to know the list will be current now.

    There are an awful lot of Slash sites that come and go. Seems most of the ones with interesting names that I try out are nonexistent now. One of my favorites was Liberty Rally, but it died around the beginning of the year.

    I'm still hoping to put together a site of my own. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    Constitutionally Correct [] ⇐
  • Nice work, no words :)

    Most of the people who loves their own sites, try to improve it, doing all the modifications as they can to be as far as possible than the original slash layout.
    Great, the original mind will win :)
    ADSLNet []
    Also slash based site.
  • For the link library at [] we have a script that runs nightly and spiders (just getting the HEAD) each link... if they are down 3 nights in a row we flag them for review. (Though, come to think of it, I'm not sure if it's working.) But it would be relatively easy to do something similar and add a check to determine if the site is still using slash... like the "start template" string, perhaps. Maybe you could even measure who is using 1.0/2.0 etc.
    global = useless
  • Says so right here [].
  • also, did you mean to turn off the dept field for the whole slashcode site? I kinda liked it...
    global = useless
  • Fixed.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Sorry for being picky but the entry for has a slightly incorrect URL - a minus sign got added in at the end somehow.
    If it could be removed that would be great.
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