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Slash 2.0.0 Released To Rave Review

posted by pudge on 03:05 PM May 9th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Slash 2.0.0 is finally out. This is it. No caveats, no -bender tag, no -pre tag, just pure, unadulterated, released code.

This release is a major change from Slash 1.0. Almost everything under the hood has changed, from the installation process, to the blocks system, to the code architecture. There is some upgrade pain to be anticipated; read INSTALL for more information, and see README while you're at it.

A big thanks to everyone in the community who has helped us along the way. You can, as always, download it via HTTP or FTP. Changes since the last prerelease are listed below.

slash-2.0.0, 2001.05.09

*       Fix to count in Search properly from Older Stories box

*       Add substr() scalar op in slashDisplay

*       Doc updates

*       Don't show sig or moderation/link stuff in

*       Show story body in light mode

*       Put proper values in site.conf for port and for hostname
        (when hostname and site name didn't match, or port was

*       Keep journals together by date properly for local timezone

*       Add new DB method, getLastInsertId, to replace
        MySQL-specific LAST_INSERT_ID() selects

*       Remove more instances of DATE_FORMAT()

*       Fix bug in saving to moderatorlog; see INSTALL for DB

*       Add in dump file for Search plugin

*       Collapse illegal characters in search to spaces, instead
        of just removing them

*       Don't include department and description in RSS file if
        not included

*       Allow deleting of several fields in preferences
        (before, blanking them out left them alone)
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  • Are there plans to release an rpm like in the pre releases? or is it possible that some kind generous person will put *everything* apache mod_perl ect. in a single rpm? any takers?
  • Slashcode get /.'ed... took a few tries before I could get the page to load :)
  • The guys at enhaced original Slashcode and put several interesting features such as MiBarrapunto (MySlash, a place where you can post everything) and Enbruto (all the stories before being edited, it shows even those ones that weren't published in the frontpage). So here goes my question... will those features included in Slashcode? I would love using PostgreSQL and those features.
  • Yes, there should be one floating around soon.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Id just like to say, congrats, i'll be upgrading soon from an *age'ing* old 1.0.9 install ;)
  • Way to go, ya'll. I'm going to have to give it a try... I must say that Slashdot is holding up pretty well, despite the criticism, so I'm sure 2.0 is going to rock. Now, what did I do with that Debian box...
  • Slash 2.0.0, coming right up []. Would you like your grits hot or cold?
    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Stamp out trolls!?
  • by Anonymous Coward if you dumba** could just figure out how
    to make the background color different from
    the scrollbar background color, you'd be in
    business (usability? we don't need no stinken'
  • by Anonymous Coward
    One thing that has been bugging me about all the bender preleases is the first step in the install file. I hoped that the final release would explain better, but it apparently didn't :( So, can anyone care to explain to me how to do the following:

    Create a database to be used by Slash.

    Create a username/password that can access that database (by default, we normally set the user to have all permissions, but that might not be appropriate for your site).

    I know that this may seem pretty obvious to most, but not everyone is knowledgable in database systems! I suggest having some actual commands in the readme to follow. I could just RTFM, but learning the innards of MySQL when I could get 3 lines from a kind person seems like a minor waste of time... :) Any suggestions?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Only if theres a petrification module :)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Uuh... what the hell are you talking about, beavis? My scrollbar background is plenty different than the Slash colors. Try changing your color scheme sometime. Just because your glasses are dufus colored doesn't mean the rest of the world sees things in shades of dufus.
  • Trolls of Scandinavian legend were made of stone. Petrification does nothing to cure a troll problem. If it could even be considered a "problem". Most trolls spend their days enslaving beautiful ladies and uprooting trees, with the occasional slashdot post.
    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
  • The ACL system maybe will be integrated in the near future releases of slashcode. And all the other things maybe it can be implemented as plugins. But we need to take a closer look at them.
  • I am quite sad to tell you that at this point PostgreSQL support is still far to be completed and in fact it doesn't work *at all*.

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • Oh come on. The only reason someone should get hung up on that is if they didn't read the INSTALL thoroughly and assume that the 'make install' will create the DB for you.

    And technically, it could try, if the virtual user it's using has that kind of permission on the db.

    However, if someone doesn't understand how to create a database in their database system, then they either need to do a heck of a lot of reading to learn how to use their DB, or they shouldn't be installing slash at that point in time.
    lottadot []
  • Are there Installation instructions that list the requirements etc for using SLash with PostgreSQL 7.1 ?
  • Scrollbar background color? That's not in any HTML spec I've seen.
  • You could certainly get help on the mailing lists, or here. But I don't see anything wrong with the directions in INSTALL. If you really can't figure out how to do it without looking at the MySQL docs, then you really need to look at the MySQL docs anyway.
  • No, there are currently no plans I've seen that have anything to do with putting an ACL system in any near-future release of Slash.
  • oh yes, indeed, we are implementing features that allow a site admin to be able to mark certain users and/or subnets/ip ranges read-only
  • I am trying to fix this, but currently the PostgreSQL version is simply not-running (I mean, there are even syntax errors in the SQL commands that create the schema...)

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • Ops, you are right. The slashcode developers have shown interest in the ACL concept but the changes could be very big in the code. But I will try to show the way we have follow and show that it is easy and we have lots of possibilities that we haven't with the seclev scheme ;-)
  • I really want to do it, but we are on a tight deadline, and ACLs are not important for Slashdot, so it is getting put in the backseat, unfortunately.
  • Any news on this? I have a fresh RedHat box I am about to stick slashcode on so a big RPM of everything would be heaven sent
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