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Solution to recent mySQL Question

posted by Krow on 01:05 PM December 8th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
The Cunctator writes " Krow posted about the UID creation problem caused by using mysql 3.23.25-beta. He wrote "I am told that there is a way to solve this by calling CREATE TABLE with a table type. I've not tried it myself, or seen the syntax, but a lot of people would be grateful if someone dug up how to do this." That's right. MYSQL changed the default table type. By specifying the old (deprecated) table type you can get the behavior Slashcode needs. In the slashschema_create.sql file,

CREATE TABLE users ( ... );

should be


This is a quick fix, but it works. As ISAM is deprecated in favor of MyISAM , I'm sure the proper fix involves screwing around with the myisam config file or something overly complex, or maybe there's a mysql bug waiting to be fixed."

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  • MySQL 3.23.xx doesn't allow a negative number in an auto_imcrement field. I went though this when moving GeekLog to MySQL 3.23.xx. This might be your problem.

    From the MySQL site "MySQL Version 3.23 will also only work properly if the auto_increment column only has positive values. Inserting a negative number is regarded as inserting a very large positive number. This is done to avoid precision problems when numbers 'wrap' over from positive to negative and also to ensure that one doesn't accidently get an auto_increment column that contains 0."

  • Pardon my possible double posting. I didn't exactly know how to do it. How would I roll back MySQL from 3.23 to 3.22 so I can install the SlashCode? -- Aaron