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posted by Krow on 12:01 PM September 6th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
Zoo2, which is the friends and foe system, is now running on Slashcode, UsePerl>, and Slashdot. This allows one to not only mark friends and foes, but to see second level relationships like friends of friends and foes of friends. There are still bits and pieces to the interface to happen but the base code is complete. Check it out from CVS
If you login you can see the additional URL's for zoo in the lefthand menu bar.
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  • Guys this is a cool and interesting mod. What are you guys planning on doing to it next (if you don't ind me asking)?

    • I'd like to see them get these two things in Slash.

      ONE: A content management system. Where you can upload files in a story, pictures, etc, in a story and/or a comment.

      TWO: A links manager.

      I mean, the Zoo thing is nifty, but.....not very functional. Being able to upload PDFs/Jpgs, etc would take slash to another level.


      It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
      • Keep in mind that this is what Slashdot needs. I do agree about both of the others though (and number two is on the list).

        I think for a link manager one needs to be defined and then someone in the community needs to look at writing one.

        You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Are you trying to recreate the now-defunct! :-)

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • Or is the zoo system screwed up over on slashdot itself and you your friends and foes have been lost? For some reason your friends of friends and foes of friends seem to persist thus indicating that the "lost" friends/foes lists are still somewhere...

    Anyone else seeing this?

    You can go and see some user's friend's lists, but not your own... it's really weird...
    • The bug was a typo by me (.= vs =). Its fixed in CVS.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • So, what happens if I add friends to my (now non-visible) friend's list? When the update is pushed out to the live server will that over-write my changes? will my changes over-write the old list? What if there's someone on my current friend's list and I don't want to continue to recieve messages about their journaling and thus wish to remove the friend status, how do I do this?
        • Sorry, not following what you are saying.

          You can't grep a dead tree.
          • When the system is fixed... ie. whatever was wrong is made right again, will my old friend's list come back to life?

            If yes, what happens if prior to this fix going live I add a friend. Will this additional friend merge with my existing friends list?

            • Yes, if I am understanding you correctly.

              You can't grep a dead tree.
              • Ok... so... if I have things correct... I can go and add friends to my account on slashdot and at some point in time slashdot will be "fixed" and my good old happy friends list will be restored and any friends I added in the mean time will be there was well. Ok... so, if I have a friend right now that I don't want to be as a friend, how do I remove them from my (currently) non-existant friends list (that I hope to someday have restored).