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Tuning Your Apache Web Server

posted by Krow on 12:19 AM October 16th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
tf23 writes "Sun has an article online about Tuning Your Apache Web Server. It's very basic and simple. (you can probably find more technical conversations about apache in the slash archives). But if you've never sat down to actually read the Apache documentation, it does explain what some of the most common configuration directives actually do. Judging by the number of Apache questions that are asked on (OPN) #slash everyone who's running any type of slashsite should give this a read."
Well crap, I just read the article a bit more closely and its wrong, wrong, wrong. Ignore it and use it as evidense that big companies can publish crap. Sorry to anyone who read it. (Turn Keep-Alive on? How stupid are they?)
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  • This article gives good guidelines on setting up the standard webserver. Unfortunately, a slash web server is by no means standard and some of the advice does not apply to the slash mod_perl setup. I learnt most about the tuning from the mod_perl guide [] and from its performance tuning [] pages. So just to raise your awareness, here of some of the differences from the article with what a Slash server requires...

    To avoid getting frustrated, ensure your hardware is sufficient to handle the volume of connections

    • Thanks - this confirms a lot about the apache configuration I wasn't sure about, especially related to slash.