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Success: the Slash run under Windows 2000 (2ed)

posted by Krow on 08:23 AM November 20th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
NOM writes "This is the 2nd edition! It replaces earlier sent one.
I did as follows and succeeded.

Continued on the next page true believers.
This works based on the Slash installation on NT web-site.
The versions of the main products which I used:

  * Slash 1.0.9 by tarball
  * ActivePerl 5.6.0(620) by installer. (.msi)
  * mod_perl-1.24_02 by PPM package (.pod)
  * Apache 1.2.14 by installer.
  * MySQL 3.23.19-beta by installer.

Install the Perl modules according to the information which is shown in the web-page. First, it does install by PPM and it gets the package sources of the remainder by the CPAN command. Do not use the CPAN command in make. "cd $HOME/.cpan/build/module-name-version/", and do "nmake" "nmake install" from command line.

[NOTE] However, Do not install the XML-Perser by PPM or CPAN. It is already done installed by ActivePerl installation. The PPM is makes broken by XML-Perser module different version installation.

Edit files and database settings by the information of the web-page. Of course, see original documents of the Slash and the Apache, too.

[NOTE] Set environment variable "TZ" in <perl> section of httpd.conf. And, the same "TZ" value is necessary for the execution environment of slashd, too. I added "$ENV{TZ}='GMT';" to the code of slashd to hurry. If there is a more elegant way, do like that.

Of the setting of permission please by the your (site) policy. :-)

[NOTE] Always, don't need the making of "slash user/group" but set permission for the execution and the writing to be possible in folder of Slash. For the details, see the help of Windows.

Run slashd script by command line or short cut as "perl -w path_to_slash/slashd". * .xml be seen have been made in public_html after being for a while. Check! Ok?

Run Apache. And try to access slash/ by browser. Did it see a page and was there a login with admin? Did it see another screen by click on admin menu? If there is not a problem, you are happy.

If there is a problem, and if it is the problem of the page moving, adds a one line to all public_html/*.pl for bug-fix.

It inserts in the end of file.

    $I{query}->initialize_globals(); # fix up keeps-asking problem

This is not the problem of Slashcode and is a lurking bug if anything in the CGI module or either of mod_perl. It does this correction to solve quickly. In the nonbug environment, it is an unnecessary code. By the way, did there get not to be a problem? Are you happy?

Because it was the problem which doesn't depend on Windows2000, it reported in SourceForge bugs-page, too.
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  • To edit all * .pl files is troublesome. The good idea which changes to it adds a line to httpd.conf only.

     # edit package name to match one above
     <Location ~ "^/$"&gt
      SetHandler "perl-script"
      PerlHandler Slash::Host::slash::rootHandler
      PerlCleanupHandler CGI::_reset_globals

    That is, it specifies PerlCleanupHandler. This doesn't depend on Windows2000 and the other platform, too, may need it. It thinks that this is necessary whe
  • Sorry! As for the specification by PerlCleanupHandler, not excellently, a problem was left. Therefore, it added "$I{query}->initialize_globals();" again in the end of all * .pl and it got fine running.