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Netscape and Slash

posted by Krow on 07:17 PM December 2nd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
DarkMoon writes "HI,
I get "weird" results when using a "slashsite", including slashcode, for longer periods of time with Netscape 4.72 on Win2k, NT...

When the probs start apearing, certain characters are being replaced by "?"'s, its not just on the display, but also when submitting stuff trough forms, in some instances it even broke code in my blocks.

This is not only hapening on my slashsites, but have seen it on Slashcode as well (it could have been that my browser was already fried by the time I got here), sometimes it get soo bad that I need to reboot.

Any idea, what is happening? anyone else having this prob?"
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  • by Anonymous Coward usually broken MS-ASCII characters

    Can't explain the other probs tho
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Every once in a while I get the ?'s, especially inforwarded e-mails (using Netscape for mail too). I usually browse 2 slashsites daily, but I'm also running some high-end CAD software which is known to not play nice with Netscape, as well as M$ Office apps, which I've found makes for a bad combination in concert with the CAD and Netscape as well.
  • I had a similar problem. What was happening was everytime I would save a block and then edit the block again, it would turn 'X' into 'X?' I don't remember exactly what X was, it was Javascript Code, so some symbol common in JavaScript gets turned into that symbol with a question mark.

    What I did to avoid the problem was to cut and paste the html blocks from another program so that it wouldn't keep adding question marks. That way I had fresh code when editing and it didn't screw up the code. Slashcode doesn't screw up the HTML until you go to edit it, so this cut-n-paste method works.

  • No, but earlier today had something like that going on on my computer. The Ad space on top was about 2 times the size, and viewing the source had ?/A? instead of and stuff. But, I viewed another slash site and it worked ok, and then I reloaded and it was fine. I'm using netscape 4.74 on Windows 2000 with all the latest MS bug fixes........
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