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Forumzilla Support?

posted by Krow on 07:14 AM April 24th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
MOzillaAnimal writes "KILL CRUSH DESTROY Forumzilla support? DEATH PAIN MISERY"
I know we have a script for this, but I am not sure where this is in the "Fix Real Soon" category.
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  • ForumZilla support is slated to be included in Slash 2.2.
  • Netscape 6 is still riddled with Bugs. While it is a great brouwser, there is not a cross platform compatibility with IE operah, or any other internet web brouwser. this sevierly limits the Forum to only those users and not everyone. Do they plan on making Formzilla multi platform?
    to error is human, to really screw things up, takes a psycho borg
  • by Anonymous Coward
    IE doesn't have a way of scripting an interface like Mozilla does. If it were to be done they may as well just leave IE entirely out of it. I can't see how it would benefit.

    Though I'm not a forumzilla developer - I haven't a clue what they plan.

    Mozilla has been stable for me for months (Win98 first edition).

  • Netscape 6 is not Mozilla. Netscape 6 is based on Mozilla. They are similar, but are not really comparable in terms of number of bugs, since they are two different products. Anyway:

    ForumZilla is not planned to be multiplatform, that I know of. But the specs and code are all open. [] There is nothing to stop someone from making a reader for some other platform.

    And I don't see how this limits any forum. It will not stop other browsers from accessing the forum as it normally would.