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Fatal Flaw in 1.1.4

posted by Krow on 04:46 PM February 25th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
There is a bug in the latest tarball that is causing core dumps with Debian and Apache 1.3.17/mod_perl 1.25. I would suggest grabbing the latest version from cvs.
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    I agree. Will the poster please elaborate?

    Those of us who use slashcodes all hack it and know it's inerts. I think it will be much appreciated if someone can describe the problem in full gory details instead of just say "there's a bug". Something like " calls a template not in the submit page" or "$form->{something} is not set" would help.

  • The subject says it all. Is it in a particular file?

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