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New Slashdot Servers

posted by pudge on 08:31 AM April 28th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
OK, so you may notice this site has been light on content of late. We are working diligently on setting up the new Slashdot Beta site. We're setting up new boxes at a new location with a whole new network and the new Slash code (Slashdot has been using the old code for these past few months, and this is the Big Code Merge we've been waiting for).

So we hope to finish up this phase of work next week, at which point we'll take changes we're making to Slash over on the new servers, merge them back in and release a slash-1.0.3 or something. So please be patient with our slow trickle of support and articles on this site. We're not burning out or fading away, we're just busy working on making the Slash code, and Slashdot, better.

And in the meantime, feel free to hammer on the Slashdot Beta site. Thanks!

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  • Well, we have posted about two slash hosting sites, slashhost [] and slashhosting []. The former seems offline at the moment. I am sure as demand increases, so will available hosting services.
  • An alternative to running slashcode would be to run PHPSlash. Myself and a friend have put up a site using PHPSlash. Initially our hosting company said they had mod_perl support, they didn't. They do provide mysql and php as part of a standard package and promise mod_perl in the furture. We get 50mb of space, 3 gigs of transfer, and 50 email addresses for 15 bucks a month. While PHPSlash is based on old code its still usable. It does not have user accounts or moderation, but given that we are starting up it makes running the site a little easier. So while we don't have all the features of Slashcode (yet) we still have a pretty nice slash like site for very little. If you would like to see what we've done our site it up at []. I apologize if my shameless self promotion has offended anyone. John Derr
  • Wow you guys must be really rich, that or really influential to actuall get ahold of necessary bandwidth and server control to run this stuff. My god will wonders never cease. Maybe if it used straight perl or standard compiled in defaults in apache or something it might work in a wider group. Also making it less dependent on MySQL with it's commercial liscencing clause might also speed up adoption of the code. As it stands this code is useless to me.
  • If you're looking for something Slash-like and don't want perl, you might try ThatPHPware at []. It's still based on a MySQL backend though.
  • He is just frustrated that he cannot find a hosting company within his budget to host slashcode. I have his same feeling. Most hosting company have custom script on there systems that doesn't allow you to use one or more features of slash code. I have contacted a dozen or more hosting companies and recieved a no reply but, they offer to set you up on a dedicated server for a couple of hundred dollars or more a month. That is not within my budget and most people cannot aford to shell out fifty buck or more