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Slash 2.1.0 Released

posted by pudge on 10:00 AM October 12th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Slash 2.1.0 is now available. This is the first release of Slash that matches the new code that is running on Slashdot as of August.

There have been a ton of changes, far too many to list. Do a diff if you want to see them. ;-)

Get the source from SourceForge or via FTP.

It is a BETA release. There are install and upgrade instructions in INSTALL, but they are BETA instructions.

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  • sure, I spend hours and hours and hours getting slash up and running .. and then more hours getting my templates up ... and now I have to overwrite most of it .... release this stuff around my schedule damnit! like about 4 days ago! :)
  • The upgrading looks bad.......bad bad bad. Is it really worth upgrading at this point? What exactly has changed from Bender?

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
    • The only thing bad about the upgrading is the templates, and that is ... kinda tough. There's no way around it. It really isn't horribly bad though, for templates. It will take some work.
      • Oh, BTW, about the upgrade, what we really need is for people to test it out and let us know specifics about the process, good and bad. Thanks.
      • I believe the only reasonable way to handle a thing like changes in templates is to use a versioning system like CVS.

        I do use CVS, and I put all releases of Slash on the 'vendor branch' (using cvs import) while I work on the head of the main branch. When a new release gets out, I use the merge functions to know where I have to fix. Not always trivial, but less painful than starting from scratch each time.

        Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • I would like to start again working on my on-off porting to PostgreSQL. At the same time, I would like to finalize the Slash-Italian version (as you may notice, I have a taste for finding the most hairy projects...)

    But since, this is a beta, how much this in flux? Is the database schema stable, and the API reliable?

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

    • Not much is in flux. This is the same stuff running on Slashdot for thest past two months. Some changes might still come down, of course. The problem is that since our main goal is to give Slashdot whatever it needs, it makes any promises of code stability possibly counterproductive to our main goal. I can't think of any good way around this problem.

      So there's no promises, but it looks pretty stable to me from here on out, to 2.2.0.
    • I would say that the API is pretty stable and there are no major rewrites planned. Same goes for the schema.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Even with all the complaints.. good job. I've seen a lot of things cleaned up.

    One future, two choices. Oppose them or let them destroy us.
  • Release 2.1.0 looks to me like a big improvement both in features and code structure.
    I just wanted to say that in order to increase the number of positive comments!
    And now, let's see how it runs...
    • Does M2 work, BTW ? Not that I feel this is too important, but slashcode displays the "Have you Meta Moderated Today?" link, yet I always get "No comments available for meta moderation!" w/ I click.
      Bug ? Feature ??
      • Krow will correct me if I'm wrong (eventually :), but he once said moderation's not worth enabling until you get enough comments that a single author can't read them all in one day.

        So I think it's disabled on Slashcode. It seems to work fine on Slashdot.