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posted by pudge on 01:41 PM February 18th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
Help! We're looking for a competent reviewer for the just-published O'Reilly book Running Weblogs with Slash, written by krow (Brian Aker), chromatic and David Krieger. Note that this book is about the Slash engine (the code that runs Slashdot and other sites, including this one), so experience with Slash, Perl and Apache will be helpful in critiquing the book for others. If you're interested in reviewing this book for Slashdot, please read Slashdot's book-review guidelines, then drop a line to Tim Lord (timothy). Quick responses are appreciated. Please explain what makes you a good candidate for reviewer; links to prior book reviews, technical articles, or other relevant writing (not inline text or attachments) encouraged. We're looking for honest, comprehensive, readable reviews, submitted through the Slashdot submissions form. Are you The One?
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  • Best book we've ever written. I couldn't put it down (because the editor kept cracking the whip). Everything I know about Slash, I learned writing this book.
  • I haven't received it yet... Sometimes I hate living in an island... :-)

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • Thanks to those of you who have sent mail on reviewing this book, expect email later today.

    Alex McLintock, your email at gets me this:[] said: 550 5.7.1
            ... Relaying denied

    Google yields me an earthling account as well, mail to which gets a "user unknown." I can't email without a working address :)

    • Grumble grumble, useless ISP, grumble grumble.

      Anyway my first review of the slashbook can be found here: 2/ 20/1121244

      PS Well done to the British Women's curling team! Yayh!
      -- SF and Computing Book News