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Upgrading your MySQL database

posted by Krow on 07:17 AM February 20th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
So we are looking at the issue of supporting MySQL 3.22 and 3.23. Nothing in Bender at this point uses 3.23 but when we go to version 2.2 this may change. How big of a hassle is this for folks? How many of you have already upgraded? (its not very hard)
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  • I upgraded a week or two ago. It's going fine so far, and I love the ISAM table type (or is it MyISAM? I get them mixed up) that doesn't reuse autonumber fields when their records are deleted. This makes it possible to be much more robust with properly-normalized database structures, which are much less prone to corruption - you know that the data in record ID 5 *is* the data you put there, not the data someone else put there when they deleted the last record (5) and rewrote it, reusing the id 5 instead
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Hey it's your software. Make it as good as you can. If there are things you would like to use in .23 go ahead and make it the requirement. Software development/progress shouldn't be held back by people who are too lazy to put the work in to migrate. (.22 to .23 for us was a cinch.)
  • I'm thinking of putting my anon_id up in the stratosphere, so's the cool-as-ice userid #1 can
    be kept by a real person. Does anyone think that's a good default?

    I know it's probably not worth it.

    Nevermind. But I think I'll change it on my implementation anyway, especially since pudge told me "It's not Slash."

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  • Yep. Anonymous user ID is default of 1 now.
  • There should be no problem with using any uid for AC. However, realize that it should not be very high; MySQL will start counting uids from the highest existing one. If you pick 1000, the next uid will be 1001 (unless there is a higher one existing). For some DBs, maybe it will just crash the DB if there isn't a clear order, I dunno. So be kind to your database, but the code shouldn't care.
  • apt-get upgrade did the trick :)
  • We can't run bender and slash 1.0.x on the same machine so we installed mySQL 3.23 on the bender machine anyway; I don't think there's a problem with requiring 3.23 for bender for that reason.
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