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Slashcode Stripping Attributes?

posted by pudge on 09:05 AM June 6th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Gene Koo writes "I've been trying to fit style sheets into slashcode via editing the blocks, but apparently throws out any class="" (as well as any href title="") changes I attempt to make to the blocks. How can I turn this safeguard (?) off?

Also, any thoughts on whether Slash will be upgraded to xml to handle some heavy duty publishing tasks? "

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  • Yep, as I said, this has been fixed in later versions of slash. Upgrade, or find the relevant changes and patch them in yourself.
  • I'm using v.1.02

    Maybe it depends on which particular slashbox I'm trying to insert this into. The specific boxes I'm trying to change have been the comment box, where I have attempted to eliminate the post number and move the <a href=parent;&gt from the number to the title of the heading. When I input this:

    <A HREF="$I{rootdir}/$C->{sid}&cid=$C ->{cid}">

    I get this:

    <A HREF="$I{rootdir}/$C-">{sid}&cid=$ C->{cid}">

    Notice the extra " after the C- which screws everything up. I've tried changing this a number of times and the slashbox refuses to update.

    Also, in the features box, if you try to add a title, you end up with:

    A HREF=""

    where again it strips out the necessary two "'s

    Anyway, that's the scoop with this particular "feature." The good news is that I can insert styles into comments (like this one) itself by including a class="indent." Kinda fun to play with.

  • I don't know why is stripping anything. What version of Slash are you using? I just made a block called "test" in my site and it went through just fine with this text:

          this is a test <A HREF="foo" CLASS="dammit" TITLE="woooo!"

    Perhaps you are using an old version of Slash? I dunno. I think there may have been some problems with this in older versions.

    Also, I don't know what "upgraded to xml" means; could you explain? Thanks.

  • Sorry 'bout the trouble!