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Changing the look and feel of Slash, and other questions

posted by CaptTofu on 07:59 AM May 9th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Anonymous Coward writes "I really would like to know how to change the look of slash (change the gifs?) and how to change the polls. Also, as many other users here, i cannot seem to get my stories posted. Although i CAN comment/reply on the default stories. Is that weird or what? They also are existing in the Stories section. I think it is the slashd daemon not running. Shouldn't this daemon start running when i start apachectl start?"
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  • I think there is an init.d script for running slashd. It does (and should) run independent of apache. Once you make sure it is running, check log files to be sure portald, etc. is working correctly.