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posted by Krow on 10:03 PM January 14th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story

Like I wrote in "Upcoming XHTML/Accessibility Slash theme" I'm working on a slash theme with the goal of complying with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. It's far from complete, but I think that it has reached a point where I want to hear comments from others and see if someone is interesting in contributing patches to fix bugs / implement new features.

It requires latest slash cvs and it's available from anonymous read-only cvs:

cvs -d vs login
No password, just press Enter.

cvs -d vs co strict

It's hosted by Openflows, who has been supporting the development of this theme.

You vill find a List of changes and a Todo list on the demo site

And if you are looking for something interesting to read on the same topic, Joe Clark's Answers -- In Valid XHTML.

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  • I've done a lot fo work on my templates to make them XHTML compliant. Though I'm far from it, and in need of some motivation to get rid of some of that horrible default slashtml, it does quite well using only CSS for layout: []

    If you'd like my templates and CSS files, let me know and I'll tar.gz them for you. Though I'm not as keen to get the site using XHTML as you, I am keen to get rid of tables unless they're absolutely necessary. I have a love affair with CSS, you see : )

    • Nice to see a Slash site that tries to use CSS instead of tables :). What version of Slash are you using?

      • 2.2.6. I believe there are newish features I've missed in the latest templates though, since my template set is based off 2.2.5. I'll take a good look and anything new once the next version of Slash comes out, but until then, I'm happy with the way it works.
    • Did you do it all by hand, or did you find some way to automate the template modding process?

      What I'm getting at - lets say you make a theme by copying all of the slashcode theme.

      You go into it's templates dir. There are standard things in nearly all of the templates, like the fonttag mainfontface TEXT endfonttag.

      It would be a beautiful thing if one automate the process of replacing something like those two tags with span class=someclass TEXT endspantag.

      I've not had the time to look into it though.

      lottadot []
      • I've not tested this myself, but maybe HTML TIDY can help / can be updated to do something like that. Take a look at Dave Raggett's Overview [] and HTML Tidy on Sourceforge [].

      • All by hand. I did the design well before I installed Slash, and then ripped through the templates and forced Slash to fit my design. Not really the way to do it, but it kinda worked.

        Creating a script to convert Slash's default html into something more standards compliant would take quite a bit of doing, if you've ever tried to redo any of the slash html, you'll know what I'm talking about (the html is a horrible hack). I'll definately have to take a look at HTMLTidy, though. However, it'd be much better

        • However, it'd be much better if Slash 3, or even a version before that, came with a CSS

          Oh how I'd love that as well.

          I can only imagine how much easier your theme project would be if that were the case...

          The thing about slashcode is, if it were using CSS, my gosh things would be so much easier w/ the templates. Changing look and feel on a site, per section, hell, just have a different sytle sheet for each section. That's it. Sweet and easy.

          Well, maybe not easy, but definitely efficient.

          lottadot []
  • When you goto his site that's using the strick stuff, if you're using Mozilla:

    pull down the 'view' menu, and choose 'use style'.

    you can pick from a slashcodeish look, to an openflows-look, etc. very slick!!

    lottadot []
  • Great work! How about Krow or someone adding this as a theme in the CVS?

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
    • I second the motion!

      "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
    • Even if someone from the Slash team would agree to this, I'm not so sure that it's a good idea yet. Because the theme is still quite incomplete and untested.

    • While I would love to see a standard-CSS slashcode theme, I don't forsee the OSDN guys adding pty's stuff into their CVS anytime soon. It just didn't look finished.

      I'm not knocking it - don't get me wrong - he's done a ton of work, and I hope he does finish it so we can all use it. (please???)

      Here's the question: If someone does a CSS'd theme for slashcode, and/or if pty finishes the xhtml themes -

      1. would osdn consider including it in the slashcode src/cvs.

      2. would osdn then keep that theme up and curr
      lottadot []
      • Trust me, I will continue to work on this. If I for some reason don't have time to work on it as much as I'm doing right now I'll still continue to work on it.

        Right now I'm working on merging in the latest changes from slashcode's cvs into the theme. So I'll keep it updated against the latest changes in slashcode's cvs.

        If OSDN wants to use if on one if their sites, it's up to them to decide if they want to do that. If we are talking about site owners starting to use this theme the first goal must be that new slash sites adapt this theme, not already 'live' ones because the theme lacks any utilites to help the site owner to move to the new theme right now, like for example fixing the markup in all old comments.

        If you see stuff on the demo site / in the code that you think needs fixing, please mail me ( ) telling me what it is. Chances are that I already know about it, if I do that at least I would know that people want this fixed so I can give it a higher priority.

  • You know, the size of the page and the speed it loads seems way better than the default slash theme.

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
    • Moving from tables/font tags/spacer images to CSS will in many cases reduce the size of the pages quite a bit, once the theme is more complete / stable I will do some tests to see how much smaller they are.

      • I'd be interested in getting ahold of your theme, if you are interested in tarballing it and sending it to me. I took a look, and liked it quite a bit. I'm having trouble finding out how to best go about finding themes that fit, and/or tweaking the default theme to better fit my needs. -Dirk R