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Which, if any, RPMs *are* okay?

posted by pudge on 08:06 AM March 28th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
f1r3br4nd writes "I totally blew up my RHAT 6.1 trying to install /. 095 (for the first time, thank goodness) on top of Perl.rpm, mod_perl.rpm, and apache.rpm. Now I know I'm not supposed to use mod_perl.rpm and apache.rpm and compile instead, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. How about RedHat's Perl.rpm, is that okay? I ask because the 'normal' Perl distro WON'T COMPILE on my machine with a terse error of "Woa! Your cc doesn't work. You should start hunting for another compiler." AFAIK, I have a perfectly good copy of gcc/egcs on my machine, and Perl.rpm had no problem running before I erased it...
Anyway, anybody else had this problem compiling Perl? Anybody had success with any of the supposedly evil RPM's? If so, what did you have to tweak in them? "
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  • I've been trying to get slash running on redhat and mandrake distros for some time. Really, the only way I can think of to do it is to do a really bare install and follow the slash instructions without using any RMPs. I am really interested to finding out why this happens and how to fix it as I would like to be able to use most of the RPMs that the RH installation will install for you - for the sake of convenience.
    2> /dev/null
  • It in almost every case is not necessary to build your own Perl (as long as you already have 5.005_03), but Perl is so easy to build, I wouldn't call it overdoing it, either. In almost every case, building Perl is as easy as:

        sh Configure -des
        make test
        make install
  • by Anonymous Coward

    No, seriously, I kept getting compiler problems when trying to compile things under Redhat, so I switched to Slakware (there was a CD lying around) and I haven't had any problem since.

    Redhat gets a bit funny if you don't install everything from RPM's anyway. If you are using a box for "non standard" things like Slack it might be worth looking ast other disto's

    Paul(can't be bothered with an account)

  • I've found that using Perl from the 6.1 RPMS (without any extensions), and later compiling Apache, Mod-Perl, Mysql and the rest of the Perl modules works quite nicely. Compiling Perl from scratch sounds like a bit of 'overdoing it'.
  • I have built a few SLASH hosts using RedHat 6.1 and am now playing with RedHat 6.2. The best advice I can give is to build everything for SLASH from scratch. I normally will:

    Load RedHat with the minimum required files to get it to boot. I will also include the C and C++ compiler, libraries, headers, misc software, etc... needed to build the software for SLASH.

    I then will compile perl, mysql, apache and the perl modules and follow th woderful directions provided.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I just got through installing Slash on my Mandrake system. I'm new to a lot of this stuff, but I've used Perl for quite awhile on AIX. From my experience I can tell you that if Perl won't install, you've got a problem because it will(should?) install cleanly on just about anything. You probably should go back and install all the GNU, C, and C++ packages. If you've got the latest RH you should have the same thing I do, and you should be able to compile Perl without a hitch.

    I first tried to install Slash with the packages that were installed with my system - my distro came with apache, mysql, and mod_perl already installed. So I figured, hey, all I should have to do is install the remaining perl modules and I should be set! Well, unfortunately it didn't work out that way. At any rate, once I compiled perl and used it to install everything else the problems went away.

  • There's a wierd bug between apache, mod_perl, perl and DBI. However it can be made to work. I'm running it now without recompiling anything. If you are getting coredumps in apache and gdb shows something like segfault in DBI_boot() you've got the same problem I had.

    I searched redhat, apache, and perl sites and finally found the clues I needed to solve the puzzle.

    The fix is to make sure your mod_perl 'LoadModule' and 'AddModule' directives appear before any other module-referencing directives. This will prevent the segfaults experienced.

    -- Greg at Rage Net (too lazy to get an account)
  • Compiler problems under RedHat are usually libraries (or headers) that are not installed by default the the code calls for. Caldera is another distro that lacks many pre-installed libraries.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've slash .4 Running on RedHat 6.1. I used the perl rpm and all (client, server, libraries, and devel) mysql rpms. I Built apache/mod_perl and the perl modules. I also had it running on TurboLinux 4 with the same build process. So far, no complaints. Bucket (Dam, forgot my password)
  • I had a Debian box that was already running apache. I installed slash, mod_perl, etc, using apt-get. No problems at all.