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Getting the Word Out

posted by pudge on 03:08 PM June 13th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
tcaleb writes "There has been an explosion of Slash sites that their respective creators have worked very hard on to get going. I was wondering what people were doing advertise their site, other than making an announcement here of course. :) My site is defianatly suffering from low usage. I am working on the content daily to improve what I can do, but I need some people to start coming over and checking it out. I think I have a good theme running that people would enjoy. Other than submitting your site to a search engine, what are you all doing to promote your site?"
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    well over here at gosports [] we have been hurting a little bit. we have sent out some press releases (need to be better directed) and we have also hit some other (shiiiiitier) message boards. now we are working on a link campaign with other sites. in other words, we are sucking it up over here - floundering with 50 unique users a day.

    a couple cool things would be a nice article on slashdot about all the new slash sites. This would get the word out to a bunch of people really quickly. I hope someone reading would say, "Damn, I always wanted a sports slashsite."

    Another thing would be a slash portal. I know, I know that the user's can configure the cheesey portal. However, with all the slash sites out there, we are well on our way to having a slash_portal worthy of its own site. Most of the major catagories are convered - as well as many obscure ones! Another vibe off of this would be a slash newspaper portal - but I am rambling! So what-do- all-you-say!!!!!!!!!


  • Perhaps the good folks at Slashcode could add a quicklink below the "Demo Slash Site" link that says something like "Other Slash Sites" in addition to the link already in the FAQ? Not only would it show off some of the ways Slash can be customized, but we "slashmasters" would be quite greatful! :)
  • Good idea, I will do it tomorrow when I update the page with the newest additions.
  • We did a press release to a huge number of non-profits, offering free ads, and requesting their press releases (which we wanted to do, anyway). This has gotten us a lot of praise, as well as a bit of traffic. Also, when I read a cool paper somewhere, I write to the author(s) and ask (hopefully intelligent) questions before I put up a story about it.

    I'm about to start doing comprehensive stories where I'll do quite a bit of research on a topic that interests me, and interview a bunch of experts. I will then invite them to participate in a discussion on a given date. The first one will be about CO2 capture and sequestration technologies. I'm also planning to do one on emerging solar power technologies, etc. You get the idea.

    I also subscribe to a couple hundred listservs. Most of these don't get a whole lot of traffic. I get a lot of material for stories from these lists; and, when I genuinely have something on topic and meaningful to contribute to a list, I put my URL in my sig.

    I'd be curious to know what other people are doing, too!

    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth