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Slash 2.2.0 Released

posted by pudge on 11:36 AM November 7th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Slash 2.2.0 is released. This is the first major release of Slash since Slash 2.0.0 in May. There's lots of changed code and new features. Thanks a lot to our beta testers and contributors. Download it via HTTP or and FTP, and read the README and changelog.

We've already begun work on the next version of Slash, with new features and more fixes and small shiny objects. The new code is in the default "branch", while 2.2 is in "fry". Slash 2.2 will be only maintained for major bug fixes. Note that with each new version of Slash, we anticipate far fewer changes, so 2.4 will be a lot more like 2.2 than 2.2 is like 2.0.

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  • What hurdles will be encountered with templates? Total revamp or minor stuff?

    What is the best method to upgrade?
    • Right, forgot to mention upgrading. To upgrade, follow the instructions in INSTALL. :-)
    • Any chance of there being a DEB package for slashcode? It's difficult for retards like me to get this thing running.
      • I'm in the same retard bucket! I've attempted to install this twice - it usually confuses me at the mysql part and then I get totally discouraged at the "perl compiling apache" part - where it dies for an unknown reason (error codes error codes, the only people who know what those mean are the people who wrote the program). I use Redhat 7.2 and I get the feeling that most people think "sure, you're using Linux, but you're not REALLY using Linux". Ohwell, in the bucket I sit.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Can I get this to run on IIS? How do I configure it to run there?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The new code is in the default "branch", while 2.2 is in "fry".

    I'm confused. If you have 2.1.1 installed, and want to get 2.2, which "branch" should you download? fry or the default on?!?

    • The default branch is usually what is called the HEAD branch. This means that if you use cvs checkout, do not put a tag (-r) flag on the cvs checkout command.

      To get 2.2, you would need to do a `cvs checkout -r fry ` where is the name of the slash package.
      • I'm a lamer....I had an error in my above comment.

        To get 2.2, you would need to do a `cvs checkout -r fry ` where is the name of the slash package.
        should read...
        To get 2.2, you would need to do a `cvs checkout -r fry <package name>` where <package name> is the name of the slash package.

        Go ahead...mod me down :)
  • Do I need shell access to install this, or will it work on a host where I've only got FTP and CHMOD rights?
  • It's nice that you worked on the visual aspects of the journal.
    But what - there are 2 importants things which should be fixed, regarding the journal comments:
    1. Moderation - allow the journal writer to moderate the comments (without affecting the karma, ofcourse)
    2. Archiving - after a while you can't add comments to the journal, and while it's OK for Slashdot stories, I'm not sure if it's too good for journal discussions. For example - look at my "invested" journal [], and see how disappointing it is that nobody can add information to it anymore..
    I hope you consider these. :)

    - Derci

    • Re: #2.

      I don't see a journal entitled "invested"... ??

      I only see 3 of them:

      1. Could you come over? I've got a problem with my CD
      2. Rivalry, fights and politics in the folk dances world
      3. Journal!!!! Cooooool!!!!!!!!
      lottadot []
      • It's not really invested. That's why I placed it in quotes.

        The fact that people can't add messages after a while discourages me from opening real discussions there.

        Maybe it's just a matter of settings?

          - Derci
    • Feature requests need to be submitted to the SourceForge site.
  • Hi,

    I don't use CPAN very often, so perhaps this is why I'm confused about this..
    When I try to install Bundle::Slash in cpan, it downloads version 2.13 - is this because of stalled cpan mirrors or why?

    Thanks for help,

  • by Anonymous Coward
    I have Windows 95 with Apache + PHP + (Active) Perl + MySQL. Any chance of running Slash in this? -- Thanks
  • we have about 2000 story’s and 400 users . I do not feel like flushing them down the toilet :(

    any help is super!

    Do I have to move from 1.9 > 2.1 and then to 2.2 ?
    I see Slash conversion utilities

    o    slash1 -> slash2
    o    slash1 -> slash2.2
    o    slash2 -> slash2.2

    but not 1 -> 2.2
  • Just did a fresh install - everything went smoothly except when trying to start slashd I get:

    Starting slashd david: ok PID = 3060
    # This account is currently not available.

    slashd never gets started and david is the virtual user. Any ideas?