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Perl Conference / Open Source Convention

posted by pudge on 11:22 AM July 13th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
The entire full-time Slash development crew -- CaptTofu, Krow and me -- will be at The O'Reilly Perl Conference (a.k.a. O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention) next week. We are hoping to have a Slash BOF (Birds-Of-a-Feather session) on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Check the BOF board if you are there and you want to come say Hi, talk about the code, or pelt us with Twinkies.

I will also be doing a few sessions on MacPerl (a BOF, Guru session, and a talk), and I'll be joining Chip Salzenberg as announcer for the Perl Golf Apocalypse, where we will make fun of and praise the code presented by the various contestants (in other words, we get to heckle over microphones). We hope to see you all there.

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  • Ill will be there.
    Ill wear a rose.
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