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Traditional Chinese theme of bender

posted by Krow on 08:07 AM September 17th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
autrijus writes "

We at the Elixir Initiative, Taiwan, has been using bender as the base of our Metalist project, alongside with a Telnet-BBS Rendering Plug-In, cross-protocol support, keyword-based syndication, etc.

Part of our works including a complete l10n version of the slashcode theme and datadump.sql. It could be downloaded via Perforce as p4 -p -u anonymous sync //depot/metalist/..., or via the HTTP snapshot, although we have no idea of how to integrate it with the mainline's i18n support (if any).

The only part that doesn't work currently is, as it assumes whitespace-delimited query strings. It seems that a radical rewrite (possibly using my FuzzyIndex engine) is needed.

We're working on a model of NNTP Slash, and possibly a Jabber interface, but most of the discussions are in Chinese. duh. :("

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