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Slash 2.0.0-pre1 Released

posted by pudge on 01:32 PM March 20th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
The first prerelease of Slash 2.0 is out and online via HTTP and FTP. What is prerelease? Well, it is pretty much done, but we want everyone to try it out and let us know any problems they have with it. Bug reports only; feature requests are for the next version. Read below for the changes.
slash-2.0.0-pre1, 2000.03.20

*       Added utils/slash1toslash2, a program for upgrading from a Slash
        1.0 installation

*       Added upgrade info and more info to INSTALL and README

*       Changed selectTopic and selectSection in to only
        return "All Topics" and "All Sections" if specifically
        requested with optional parameter

*       Fixed bug in Slash::Apache::Log where data was not getting
        properly passed to writeLog(), so accesslog was not getting
        proper data, and story hit counts were not getting updated

*       Fix submissions to insert anonymous UID instead of user's UID
        if submission is submitted anonymously (without a name)

*       Fix totalComments to increment properly

*       Remove code to delete old comments

*       Change Slash::Install to be newline-agnostic in PLUGIN files

*       Change Slash::Utility::isAnon to return true for "bad" UIDs
        (non-integer, non-positive)

*       Fix Slash::Utility::prepareUser to populate TZ and offset
        info for anonymous user when not through Apache

*       Add option to install-plugin to install as symlinks (like
        install-slashsite); fix install-plugin to accept a single

*       Move more info to site.conf from slash.conf; clean up in
        slash.conf, removing redundant directives

*       Fix singular/plural problem for comment count in
        and templates

*       Minor fixed to various templates
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  • People should note that Slash 2.0.0pre 1 and Bender seem to fail on FreeBSD platforms.

    There are some errors in the makefile (at least on my system and some one else playing with Bender had them too). Check out this article [] to see how to work around it.


    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • Eric, thanks for the info [] (direct link to comment there). Aside from Makefile problems how is the rest of it going for you?
  • Hey, anyone out there notice the html being generated by Bender throws the pages a little too wide? It seems you guys fixed this error on the index page but when I go down to story level the slashboxes are being forced off to the side and the bottom scroller becomes active. The comments are being rendered with the same error too though this doesn't seem to be happening to when authoring a comment. Anyways, congrats guys, I am looking forward to the official release. Nice work!BTW. checked this with NS6 and IE5 plus the webTV test utility and the error is rendered the same on all three.
  • The rest of Bender works just fine under FreeBSD 4.2

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • After installing the slash2.0-pre1 RPM, and restarting apache, I get the following error:

    Invalid command 'SlashVirtualUser', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

    What have I done wrong?
  • Sandor, I think I found the problem. The text in this particular story uses PRE; the other stories should look fine, and it is not specific to Bender. And on my browser, it fits within the window. On a page that is smaller, or font that is bigger, it will stretch wider. I am too lazy to change it to TT and put in the approrpriate linebreaks and spacing, though. :-)
  • hrm... ok, being a slacker myself I can appreciate the hunt to 'find the booboo' :)I did notice this error before a few times (here on slashcode) and was wondering what the cause was because it appeared to happen at the wierdest of times. I figured it was a bender issue and since everything was in dev never mentoined it before(html being the least troublesome of dev issues). Thanks Pudge!
  • It may also happen when you have a *long* URL in your text, which cannot be line-broken, leading to very wide paragraphs.

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • I tried to install the RPM for Slash on my machine:

    [root@obi-wan i386]# rpm -q glibc mod_perl apache
    [root@obi-wan i386]# rpm -vih slash-2.0.0_pre1-1.i386.rpm
    error: failed dependencies:
   is needed by slash-2.0.0_pre1-1               

    Is it a problem in the glibc version?


    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • Upgrading glibc fixed it.

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []

  • I got the same error. there was another mention of this error for 1.15, and the reply from Krow was to check out how Apache/ModPerl were built.

    So I will try that. I'll post back if I have any luck.


  • You probably just have the directory and virtual hosts entries in your httpd.conf file. Make sure they are all inthere ( slash/httpd/slash.conf ) I just included it in my apache conf files -pee
  • could you be a little more specific please?
  • yes indeed. although at first I didn't get what
    you were saying, this was indeed the problem.
    I was including the wrong conf file.