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posted by Krow on 05:07 AM March 29th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
I have NNTP support for Slash working. See below for details.

NNTP support is achieved via a combination of a Slash plugin, NNTP, and an external daemon, nntb. This is all part of the NNTB (Network News Transport for 'Blogs) package. The weblog-specific bits are done via a plugin architechture; I plan on adding support for other systems, such as Scoop.

You can authenticate to the NNTP server with a Slash username/password, otherwise you're AC. It can be set, via a Slash var, to only allow logged-in users, or only users with subscriptions -- in the latter case, the user's subscription will be consumed whenever a story, comment, or journal is read or posted.

The NNTP server has two parallel group hierarchies: slash.slashsite.text and slash.slashsite.html. The text hierarchy translates all article bodies from HTML to text. Under those roots, the following groups exist:

  • .stories - front-page stories
  • .stories.section_sectid - section stories
  • .stories.section_sectid.sid - story comments
  • .journals - all journals
  • .journals.nick_uid - journals and journal comments for a particular user

Users can control Slash-specific options, like whether to post anonymously or whether to allow comments in a journal - via special headers.

I have no prior experience with Slashcode (other than the last time I did this, with Slash 0.3, when it was called newsd), so I'd like to here from the Slash gurus on my use of the Slash API, and that sort of thing.

I've set up an NNTB Demo Slashsite, the NNTP server for which is at You can download the code, browse the CVS repository, or see how to do a CVS checkout. There are also some NNTB-related mailing lists.

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  • Site seems to be down? How does the plug-in handle posting? I'd love to see it.
    • Yep, I had internet connectivity issues this week. Back up now. It handles posting pretty well - you're AC unless you login via standard NNTP authentication, and there are a few special headers you can put in your posts to control things like Score: +1 bonus or posting as AC.