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Apache+Perl 5.6+mod_perl binary for Win32

posted by Krow on 03:45 PM September 8th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
maxsekar writes "IndigoPerl offers Apache (1.3.20) bundled & tested with Perl (5.6) and mod_perl.

From the site "Apache is pre-configured for running perl cgi scripts. It includes a browser based GUI Package Manager as well as a command line Dynamic Package Manager. The package manager can install pre-built binary packages from a repository as well as well as CPAN source modules."

Perhaps Slash will run on M$ after all...I am going to try it out!"
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  • Let me share some of my experience with Win32 and with Slash.

    First Win32. I don't know anything about IndigoStar but I do know that getting Perl 5.6/Apache/mod_perl to work under Win32 is a relatively painless task and by using the ActiveState standard, you can't go too far wrong at all. The steps are:

    • Install Perl from ActiveState []
    • Install Apache []
    • Using PPM, follow the instructions [] to install the tiny mod_perl plugin for ActivePerl
    • Add the LoadModule statement to httpd.conf
    And that's it! You have mod_perl. I have tested my mod_perl BBS and it runs great. Perfect for testing (although I still wouldn't trust it for a live site)

    Second point is the requirements of Slash. Slash requires many things that are *nix specific that would prevent running the whole of Slash on Win32. A few issues would include (and are not limited to)

    • slashd is a very linuxlike daemon and needs porting
    • Sendmail is used. Also needs to port
    • Other issues I am sure

    So my conclusion is that the Indigo distribution is nice but offers no real technology over what is previous available. If you are capable, I would follow my instructions above instead as then you would find it easier to upgrade when a new version of ActivePerl is released. As for Slash, well, if you really want it to work under Win32, you've got some porting to do!

  • The IndigoPerl distribution is impressive but I would not recommend it from what I have read on the website for the following reasons:
    • On a broad note, ActiveState have the de facto Perl distribution for Win32 so it is safer to stick with them
    • From their site: "Installing CPAN modules requires that you have Microsoft DevStudio or nmake.exe installed. If you are installing modules that contain xs files, then you need DevStudio, otherwise you only need nmake.exe. This is the *nix way of doing it but unfortunately we are in the world of Win32. In the world of Win32, precompiled is better because the average person does NOT have nmake and DevStudio. DevStudio is dead expensive and we all like free (as in beer) software here! And you will need to be compiling xs modules, especially for Slash. The modules in ActiveState are precompiled and are certain to work whereas pulling modules out of CPAN that were designed for *nix have a chance of failing when compiled yourself under Win32
    • I suspect the Cygwin version of Perl would be better if you like compiling your own scripts for the same reason that CPAN is generally targetted at *nix and not Win32. Compiling under Win32 just doesn't click for me.
    • Apache/Perl 5.6/mod_perl is equally possible with ActivePerl and will probably require less work to install since you don't need to compile things
  • slashd - Just use the actual perl script and start it up. The init script is just around to make it easier

    Sendmail - You don't need it, you just need to relay to a SMTP server. You can set this up in vars


    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Cool, I'll give it all a try when when I get back to uni in a couple weeks on my Win2k box. It could just work but I would still stick to using the ActiveState distributions because you *really* don't want to compile XS modules yourself.

    I hope you can forgive my pessimism because I still reckon that with sooo many required modules, some might have *nix features. But I will try to get it to work cause it would be cool to develop on Win2k too =)