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Slashcode-1.0.5 released

posted by CaptTofu on 12:47 PM June 14th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Fresh from the code mill, newley minted, Slashcode-1.0.5 is released. You can download the tarball from the usual places, as well as get the latest via CVS from Sourceforge.

Changes for Slashcode-1.0.5

slash-1.0.5, 2000.06.13

*       Section articles that appear on main page will now have the
        section part of the titles as a link to that section's index

*       Now shows author comments while viewing the submission as
        opposed to trying to scroll through the small input box in the
        submissions list

*       Fixed bug in which would display
        stories that were 'Never Display' or that had not yet gone

*       Added some fixes for Slash::reparentComments()

*       Fixed typo s/an <B>valid/a <B>valid/ in (David-T)

*       Small edits to logging in slashd, adding logging to a file
        (logs/moderatord.log) in moderatord

*       Added /'s before links in mainmenu block in slashdata_dump.sql

*       Took form checking code out of .pl files and put into functions

                insertFormkey:      inserts new formkey
                checkSubmission:    checks to see if a form submission
                                    is valid
                checkTimesPosted:   checks to see if max posts reached
                submittedAlready:   checks to see if a form with a given
                                    formkey has been posted already
                formAbuse:          logs attempts to fook, break, or
                                    flood a particlar form
                formSuccess:        updates formkeys table with a submit
                                    time for a given formkey and
                                    increments value to 1 (submitted)

*       Warn user before they try to submit that max submissions has
        been reached ( and

*       Fixed code to check if formkey for a submission is being
        submitted  by the IP address that it was initially created under

*       New function Slash::errorMessage(), prints out whatever
        argument it receives

*       Added/modified tables:
                abusers:    added columns reason, query_string
                formkey:    changed comment_length to content length
                host_name:  changed to varchar(30) - was varchar(15)

*       Slightly changed regex in to not munge submitted
        URLs that are directly preceded by a > character

*       Strip out all trailing space, better identifying of URLs,
        in $introtext in

*       Send Mail::Sendmail warnings in Slash::sendEmail() to

*       Fixed typo in, \n was in single quotes (garyb)

*       Removed some functions from @Slash::EXPORT that were not
        being used outside

*       Changed $I{r} in to get Apache->request only if
        $ENV{GATEWAY_INTERFACE} =~ m|^CGI-Perl/|, instead of looking
        at $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME}

*       Added code to filter certain form inputs as soon as they are
        first received in Slash::getSlash() (especially inputs that
        should be numbers), added new function Slash::fixint()

*       Changed around all the HTTP header stuff to use CGI::header()
        in; hopefully, this will fix problems and not create
        new ones

*       Changed Slash::setCookie() to return hashref instead of string
        for use with new HTTP header scheme

*       Fixed HTTP header for Slash::header() and to return
        proper 404 status code

*       Close up some little holes in Slash::getSectionColors(),
        pollbooth routines, search routines

*       Added "attribute" parameter for Slash::stripByMode(), which
        strips out not only & (like "literal" does), but also
        strips "

*       Added new function Slash::fixurl() to fix up URLs to be
        good (took code from Slash::approveTag, added some more
        to encode every character that is not safe or reserved,
        according to RFC1738)

*       Base deletions of newstories in dailyStuff on archive_delay

*       Do stripByMode() of sig in after getting first 160
        chars of sig, fitting into schema

*       Fixed up slashhead image and WIDTH of slashhead.gif and
        slashslogan.gif (Nathan Vonnahme)

*       Fixed in stripping of bad chars from query string
        (Michael Sims)

*       Added submit_categories array to, for adding
        new categories to submissions (like Hold, Quik, etc.)

*       Fixed bad color of "Moderation totals" text in

*       Put export TZ=GMT at top of utils/slashd (n8)

*       Took out code to check for matching nicknames against author
        nicknames; authors should have their user nicknames reserved

*       Added some programs to contrib directory: user2author and
        sendAdminMail from madmag, and recentcomm, for getting
        the most recent comments

*       Plenty of minor code cleanups

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  • I've made lots of little hacks to the code. These are mostly UI related, and only apply to my site (which is why I haven't contributed them). Although I have documented my changes, it would probably take me a full day to upgrade.

    So, my question is: When should I upgrade? It would be great to have all of these fixes, but I can't really afford to upgrade every week or two. Is there any major stuff that didn't make it into this release that I should wait for?


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth

  • I know most of you are not as lucky as I am to use a Mac, but BBEdit's "Differences" feature is excellent. I use it to make merges between different versions of Slash all the time (yesterday I used it to fold all the changes in slash-1.0.5 back into bender, the development branch, which had undergone many changes that aren't reflected in the main branch).
  • My employer distributes commercial perl scripts, and we often get questions like yours... We usually point the user to BeyondCompare (, it's a WONDERFUL side-by-side file comparison tool, even if it is Windows-only. You can probably take advantage of it to transfer over your changes to the code... Assuming the changes (to either copy) aren't too radical.
  • Actually, no. I can't think of anything major that was left out. Upgrading to this release is highly recommended, and most of us over at the slash development team are turning our attention to the development branch now. We'll most likely do updates less frequently. I can't get much more specific than that, because if something really big happens, who knows?

    What I can say is just that most of the development on our plates is slated for the development branch ("bender").

  • I've been running 1.0.2 for a while. Today I upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 using the updates that came with 1.0.5.

    The table abusers is missing. mysql -unethole -phdiht2k nethole

    So I cheated and created the table looking at the schema_create.sql

    --- Makes me wonder what else got left out of the upgrades . . .

  • Nice tool. Thanks!

    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth

  • Cool. I will be upgrading over the weekend, then. --Thanks

    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Insert foot, chew, repeat as necessary
  • He may be dumb for posting passwords, but he's got a point. The update script is missing something.

    I'm coming from a slash-1.0.4 installation, and sure enough, slash.abusers doesn't exist. Error 1146 at line 3 in sql/updates/db_update.sql. I'll CC this at SourceForge.