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Slash Bender 1.1.3 beta released

posted by CaptTofu on 08:11 PM February 11th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
Fresh and ready to download from sourceforge, Slash Bender 1.1.3 Beta is available for download (and as always, CVS) from Sourceforge both via ftp and http.
slash-1.1.3-bender, 2000.02.xx

*   Changed copyright/license info in source files

*   Changed SQL files to be extended INSERTs for increased

*   Added additional paramter to Slash::sendEmail() (called
    by dailyStuff) to allow for Precedence: bulk header,
    where mail sent is bulk mail (Alessio Bragadini)

*   Added more documentation in Slash::DB

*   Fix author sessions

*   Save templates into their own directory, as individual
    files, instead of in a data dump file; disallow ";" in
    template name/page/section, as template pseudoname
    (for saving to filesystem and for displaying in comments)
    will be "name;page;section"

*   Fix to Slash::Display and Slash::Display::Plugin so
    plugins that call slashDisplay() will use the plugin's
    context for template processing

*   Fix to Slash::Display so TRIM, PRE_CHOMP and POST_CHOMP
    are passed to Provider->new instead of Template->new

*   Rework how encoding/decoding escaping/unescaping is handled
    in slashd and portald; added xmlencode() and xmldecode()
    to Slash::Utility

*   Added insertion of plugin's description to site_info table
    on install

*   Added the insertion of plugin description to the site_info

*   Makefile now defaults INIT to /etc instead of /etc/rc.d

*   Addition to template-tool to save compiled form of

*   Page and Section pulldowns for templates in now
    work correctly

*   Added editing of site info to

*   User admin changes include checkbox for denoting author, and
    function to create a new user

*   Added two additional colors, one foreground and one background,
    to color editor in

*   Fixes for brokenness with email/homepage data

*   Remove excess portald blocks, put into separate plugin

*   Added Ladybug problem tracking system

*   Miscellaneous code and template bugfixes
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    How about some conversion scripts to update a 1.0.9 site to the latest release?
  • Believe me, bender's still a big enough mess that conversion scripts would be premature at this time. Just my HO.

    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.

  • Cliff is working on them. Look for them in one of the next couple of betas.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Thanks for all the bug reports, that's the kind of thing we need.
  • Thank god for that...that was some seriously unreadable SQL. There's still a bunch of small bugs all over the place, some of which I mistakenly submitted as an article here and will now instead be submitting them to SourceForge. Sorry bout that.

    I've been finding them because I'm installing Bender on a system for which I don't have control over the webserver, so I don't get to use the Apache hooks. A fun and interesting project.


    Deliberate with Coolness, Analyze with Criticism, Reflect with Candor.