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posted by Krow on 12:44 PM November 30th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
jamiemccarthy writes "I've committed plugins/Stock to It's a stock quotes slashbox whose task uses the excellent Finance::Quote module to keep current (which you'll have to CPAN-install manually because it isn't in Bundle::Slash, the plugin being optional). See it in action on Enjoy yourself, running-dog capitalist lackey!"
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  • I was going to ask you yesterday on #slash how you implemented the Stocks slashbox on, but then the upgrades and splits began on OPN and I forgot.

    I noticed the new Plugin in CVS trunk yesterday night and inmediately tried it out. Very very nice. Thank you :-)
  • G'day everyone,

    Paul Fenwick here, I'm the maintainer of the Finance::Quote module.I've been exchanging a few e-mails with Jamie, and there's just a minor issue that I thought should be mentioned.
    Most of the information sources which Finance::Quote (F::Q) uses have restrictions on how that information may be used. The most common of these (besides from a general indemnity clause) is that the information may not be republished or transmitted to third parties. I know that Yahoo (which F::Q prefers to obtain its quotes, because it's fast, consistant, and easily-parsed) definitely has this restriction.

    So using F::Q to take quotes from their website and display them on your own is a bit of a no-no. Even with normal copyright law taking information from someone else and republishing it is usually considered wrong.

    I'm certainly not trying to rain of your parade, but I'd hate to see lawyers knocking on anyone's doorstep. I have no idea how cool the Yahoo people are with people using their quotes. They might want as little as a link to their website where the quotes are displayed. Then again, they may not. In any case, if you do want to use their quotes, it's probably polite to have a chat with them.

    All the best of luck,