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posted by pudge on 07:00 AM May 22nd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
graz writes "I recently set up a site called FuelCellTalk at using I'm hoping to build a place where people who invest in fuel cell technology or alternative energy can share stories and investing ideas. I'm pretty strong technically in the MS world (please no flames) but have zero recent experience in the *nix world. The prices are very reasonable at between $35 and $45 per month. They were very helpful setting it up and helping me through some of the basic file editing of I'm still working to get everything configured the way I want it - I've only managed to customize one graphic so far and I'm not to thrilled with it at all. It all came together much easier and cheaper than I ever thought possible. I am amazed at the complexity of the "slash engine" and all the capabilities it has. It will take me quite a while to understand everything I need to configure. Overall, if you need a good slashcode friendly host I highly recommend And if you're interested in fuel cells come on by!"

I don't want this to be a special advertisement for, or pick favorites over other hosting companies or groups. But a lot of people want hosting, and this looks like a fine service. Feel free to put in your two cents for other hosting sites, too.

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  • I'm beta testing my new site which is hosted at The folks at (actually, []) are really knowledgeable and helpful. Ryan Williams, their Slash admin, seems to know his way around slashcode pretty well.

    They have a religious devotion to FreeBSD. So, if you simply must have Linux, then they might not be for you. Also, they only have two or three T1s at the moment (though, I was told that they plan on upgrading to OC3s soon). So, if you expect to get huge traffic, then you might want to look elsewhere. No complaints, otherwise. Very stable. Very little downtime.


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth


    earthDot: intelligent life on earth