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Improving Slash

posted by Krow on 07:33 AM July 21st, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
latas writes "I think everybody can do the improvements that I've done on my site, but personally I think it gives to the user a very important added value.

You can check on my website, how I added a block called the Top 10, based on the number of hits of each article.

I added also link to the full story (more) in the title of the news.

Also I added the number of times that news has been read by the way.

Also several blocks with the most important articles of each section based on hits too.

I played too with CSS in order to change, the textboxes, buttons and so on, and give a new fresh aspect to the website instead typical buttons.

And also I did a full integration between slash and UBB Forums, in order to add the new website user, into the forums too. So the login user you use for the website is the same user you use for the forums.
Profile modifications can be done of course, and are also reflected in the forum's user profile. Try to modify the profile of your user from the forums, implies call to the as well. So data user doesn't lost.

Also I've just added the WAP and PDA plugins, and are up and running very good.


Questions, comments or whatever is welcome."

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