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posted by Krow on 07:47 PM November 24th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
DarkMoon writes "Heh, Congrats on Bender, it rocks, plus it has solved some of the probs I was having regarding cookies (knock on wood, still gotta configure it all the way...)

Not to bitch or anything... BUT it would have been nice to have had a warning in Benders set-up regarding the DB creation... Something like: WARNING - If the databse exists it will be overwriten, do you wish to continue [Y/N]

I just hosed about 2 weeks worth of work.... some ppl will be very pissed in the morning, I know it's alpha ;) but that warning above would have been nice... P.S: can't wait 'till the Beta ;)

Ohh dunno if its my set-up, BUT under the admin gui when trying to go to sections the server pukes..."

We callled it an alpha for a reason :)
You will find the admin interface works under the current CVS. When we do a release next week, thoses fixes will be in it (including the removal of the authors table).

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  • You need to show files in the "Attic." This implementation of cvsweb will not show files in a different branch, only the main branch, unless you show the files in the "Attic."
  • Uhh?? I can see it in a webbrowser, but have no clue on how to get it via the cvs shell.

    Not to be a pest... but could you tell me the cvs command? or at least which files I have to replace manually to get the to work?
  • Hi, could some one please be so kind and explain to me like I was a 4 year on how I can get Bender via CVS? All I can get is the Slash main Branch...

    I read the instructions for the CVS shell and that doesn't work... dunno what I'm doing wrong...

    When browsing the CVS over at sourceforge via HTTP the Bender branch seems to have something missing, at least I can't find it: but in the updated files it makes references to that it had been changed as well...

    Am I insane? is Sourceforge CVS broken? Is NOT on Sourceforge CVS?