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Slash Install Under Red Hat

posted by pudge on 10:48 AM April 5th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Ron Harwood writes "The install document assumes that you are installing on a virgin system - from scratch... Are there any pointers for installing Slash on an already working Red Hat 6.x server? "

Well, what do you mean "already working Red Hat 6.x server"? Are you referring to the web server, mysql, or something else? There is nothing special about mysql and perl for Slash. For mod_perl and Apache, well, you might have to recompile them, and you'll have to manually merge your httpd.conf files. If you have specific problems, I am sure some of the folks here can help.

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  • Feeling equally silly and stuck at the exact same spot -- any chance you could post some of the good advice you received?
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm about to do an install on a RH 6.2 box. Could you explain your problem in detail?
  • Thanks for all the help guys! You did it! All the help just poured in and I solved the problem. Don't I feel stupid. Thanks for everything, you guys rock.
  • Okay, well the burnout that I am, I can't seem to understand a particular part of the Slash Install docs. I'm stuck on the MySQL database and user creation. Particularily the line "mysql mysql sql/slashdb_create.sql" Is this a MySQL command? Bin/Bash? I'm pretty sure the sql/slashdb_create.sql is supposed to point to my dir where the slashcode is stored. But, I just can't seem to figure out if its worked! I don't see the database in the mysql database listing, but I know where that slashdb_create.sql file is. How do I do this part? BTW, is the .sql file a script or the db? See what a l4m3r I am? Gotta start somewhere!
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've been playing with slashcode on RH6.2 and I have to say that it's tough going. I'm too proud to ask for help just yet, but it WOULD be nice to see an httpd.conf file that works with 6.2. The biggest hurdle seems to be the modules configuration. Something's missing...
  • I recently did it on a server running redhat 6.0 which has been up and running, well, since 6.0 was new. Aside from getting rid of apache and mysql .rpms installations(and installing and recompiling the tarballs) which was not exactly straightforward for someone accustomed to .rpms, I had a LOT of trouble getting the perl modules (i.e. install Bundle::Slash) installed. Only after hours of looking around, I realised that most of the -devel .rpms were not installed... after I did manage to install them, everyting installed like a dream and I have it up and running now.

    Oh, one more thing, had quite a time reconfiguring webmin [] to recognize apache though, mainly as the configuration files from the default .rpm install and the .tar.gz install were in different locations.

  • If you already have a working RedHat webserver then you just need to jump in to the slashcode installation docs at the right time. If you have already installed perl *and* all the modules then skip that bit. If you have already installed a *working* apache and mod_perl then skip the bit which over-writes the httpd.conf file. You will then need to edit your own httpd.conf file to your requirements. It took me several *days* to get it right (whilst doing other things too of course). Goodluck --- SF Book Reviews
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