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Non-Geeky "Slashdots"

posted by pudge on 10:51 AM April 5th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Michelle Murrain writes "I've been a reader of a number of slashdots for quite a while, and I'm a web designer that works with decidedly non-geeky clients. I like to recommend slashcode as a good discussion engine for their sites, but when I suggest they visit slashdot or perlmonks, they become incredibly intimidated. Anyone out there have good examples of slashdots used with non-geeky content - but ones that are active to show how threading works, etc.? Thanks! PS - a listing of discussion sites using slashcode would be a nice addition. "

P.P.S. A listing of sites using Slash has been linked to from the FAQ for awhile now. :-)

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