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Upgrade Notes

posted by Krow on 01:19 AM June 11th, 2002   Printer-friendly   Email story
So if you are using CVS there are two things I wanted you to be aware of.
You can now find information describing how to upgrade your DB in slash/sql/upgrades. There is also a new template-tool -U which will attempt to upgrade your templates to the latest copy (you can use -t to see what it is going to do before it is done). If I get a chance I will hopefully be able to write up a quick script that will turn existing sites into THEMES.
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  • does it go all the way back to 2.2.5? i.e. can it act as a rough equivalent of what slash2toslash2.2 was?
    • It was started a month into 2.2.5 so it might be missing something (if it was I would happily add it).

      The new string_param table is the only one that I think it is missing.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • so in terms of upgrading, would it be enough to download cvs, run make; make install, then run all the upgrades (template and sql) on a site? what about new plugins like sections? i'd be willing to try an upgrade and take notes / beta test, i just want to get a sense of what's involved...
        • With plugins you would need to install the plugins and relink to the new perl script.

          SQL and templates should work (be careful to not overwrite your own personalized templates).

          Feedback on this would be welcome.

          You can't grep a dead tree.
  • I hate sounding ignorant, but I can't find a link to the latest CVS?

    All the links point to, which looks like 2.2.0 and doesn't have any changes in the log since last November. Searching the site for "CVS" turns up zero hits, although I see all these references to a CVS devel tree with versions much newer than 2.2.5.

    Please enlighten me. :)
    • Just grab from CVS. What you will get is the latest code.

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • Ahh, I see. I didn't realize the file dates displayed were wrong when browsing via http, and that the CHANGES file was not being kept updated.

        I did grab it via CVS a couple days ago, I just thought it was old code. ;) Hard to tell without reading the headers on some of the scripts.

      • Ahh, is there a new version or config requirement for mysql, or is there currently a problem in the database dump?

        When I install-slashsite I get a few errors:

        DBD::mysql::db do failed: Column 'value' cannot be null at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/i386-linux/Slash / B/ line 554.
        Error in library:Slash::DB::Utility:/usr/lib/perl5/site_per l/5.6.1/i386-linux/Slash/DB/ INTO site_info (description,value,name) VALUES(
        • Be sure you file a bug report on sourceforge []
          lottadot []
          • I always play with problems like this to make sure I understand the cause before reporting as a bug. Good think in this case, I don't think it's a slash bug. I just now got the install to go without these errors and the site is up.

            I don't know why it was happening, I was dropping and re-creatng the database and permissions a couple times, making sure the database directory was beng deleted, I restarted mysql once, and then it started working like a charm.

            My CVS-based slash is running now, although I'm running down some issues with plugins that are breaking. I had to kill the stock thingee, it was causing invalid timespec errors, even though I saw nothing wrong with the '*/15' timespec. I even changed it to '0,15,30,45' and got timespec errors. I don't care about that right now, so I removed that script from tasks.

            Now I have an error from hc_maintain_pool_pl that is generating GD errors, probably because I have something wrong with my GD config. I hope that's not a big issue, I bet I have to reinstall GD and some perl libs to fix that.

            I also have this:

            Can't call method "getAllSpiderTimespecs" on an undefined value at /my/base/dir/tasks/ line 65

            So I'll need to chase that down. Otherwise things seem to be working, and I don't have the hanging problem in that breaks anymore, so I think I might finally be on my way to continue developing my site!