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How to get Bender

posted by Krow on 05:38 PM November 30th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
Ok, here is how you check out bender from the main CVS repository at SourceForge.
From the prompt:

cvs :/cvsroot/slashcode login

When it asks for a password hit return. Next do this:

cvs -z3 :/cvsroot/slashcode co -r bender slash

Now read the file INSTALL.bender that you will find in the root directory. You will want to run "cvs update" frequently from the directory that cvs created.
Keep in mind that this is the copy we are working on actively so there is a good chance that it will not work from time to time.
I would suggest that you subscribe to the Development mailing list found on SourceForge if you want to keep track of what we are doing.

Just to say this one more time, I would not currently run a production site off of the code unless you want to go through some painful upgrades/listen to your pager constantly. Its not quite there yet.

But it will be soon :)
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  • Realize that if you are in the same place you have a MAIN slash CVS repository checked out, that if you do not specify a directory, you might have problems. Use "-d" to specify a directory. I'd use "cvs co -r bender -d /usr/src/bender slash" or something.
  • It's time for folks like me who have a running site in need of activity, but full of data to think about the pain levels involved in upgrading.

    A server change may be in order for me soon, and an upgrade to Bender seems near, as well. I'm facing work to come. I can't help but ponder how much work.

    I've done some block modification, but have put off major redesign until Bender already. I've just got this buttload of stuff to move to the new setup. Is it going to be easier for me to just build the site again with Bender and import the news, users and such, or will it be easy enough to just upgrade and move the whole kit AND the kaboodle at once.

    I might be the wrong person to be asking, though, since upgrading my Mandrake 7.0 system to 7.2 has taken three days, now. It was amusing, at first. Two nights ago, I came to work just to see if it was done, and it was funny. Making progress, just slow. I'd just kick out of it and start from scratch, but I keep thinking it will finish RSN.

    Dave Walker
    Forced to post using Windows 98