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PostgreSQL lives

posted by Krow on 07:42 PM November 27th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
As of the latest CVS checkin, Bender (AKA the next version of Slash) will now display the frontpage of Slash using PostgreSQL as its backend.
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  • ...this means Postgres is supported as an option, right? MySQL is still supported? Hope I'm just being thick about the way this is worded.

    Steve Linberg, Chief Goblin
    Silicon Goblin Technologies []
    Steve Linberg, Chief Goblin
    Silicon Goblin Technologies []
  • I was looking through the bender code, about a week ago. My browsing was directed at seeing what was up with the postgresql subdirectory. I noticed that lots of the stuff looked very similar to the regular mysql code that I was used to from the stable slash release. Without running diff on everything, what are the main points of departure between the mysql and the postgresql support?

    And another thing, what does this mean to the specialized hacks that we (well, at least I) have macheted into the Slash code? I added keywords support by adding a couple of tables to the database, and glomming on extra bits of code to go look for that data, so that keywords show up like the dept does now (in addition to the dept) And eventually I want to add other tables for other things. Should I stop now and just start hacking at Bender? Is bender stable enough to do that?


  • Yes, as an option :)
    We will be supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle internally. If someone offers support for another database we might add it.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • At the moment the PostgreSQL library just inherits from the MySQL library. What methods (like getUser()) that are database specific are overridden by the PostgreSQL library.
    Everything dealing with the database in bender is hidden behind the Slash::DB library. Because of this the schema can be different for each database (and optimized for each).

    Personally I would love to see a plugin added to the code to support keywords. There is rough (very at the moment) support for adding plugins in Bender. It probably won't be complete in this weeks release, but sometime in the next couple.

    I wouldn't run a production site with Bender right now, but its getting there. It is certainly stable enough to develop against.


    You can't grep a dead tree.