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Slash 1.0.10 (Unsupported) Released

posted by pudge on 01:24 PM March 20th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
This is the final release of Slash 1.0 (HTTP and FTP). We had some unreleased bug fixes here and there, and so here's it is. This is the code that Slashdot is currently running on. So take it and have fun, but we cannot spend time supporting this code, we need to keep pressing forward with Slash 2.0. We recommend that you don't use 1.0, and start switching to 2.0 (the final release should be in the next few weeks, after everyone's had a chance to let us know of any remaining problems), but if you really want to stick with 1.0, take this and have fun.
slash-1.0.10, 2000.xx.xx

*	Make sessions.sid field longer (Jean Gionet)

*	Change order of installing perl in INSTALL (Dave Aiello)

*	Bunches of changes to whitespace / URL / submission

*	Removed; use Image::Size (Jamie McCarthy)
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  • madeleine:/scratch/alessio/src/slash-1.0.10/public _html$ perl -c
    String found where operator expected at ..// line 2629, near "'%Z'"
            (Missing semicolon on previous line?)
    syntax error at ..// line 2629, near "'%Z'"
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 32.

    There is a ',' missing at the end of line 2628 of

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  • Grrrrr. OK, I'll have to do a or something. I'll wait a week or two; please let me know any other problems you run into. Thanks much.
  • Oh, and if someone needs help fixing that, I can either post a working or a patch or something. Let me know. Or someone else can post it on SourceForge and we can point to it.
  • It's patch #411062 [] on SourceForge. A single character...

    Check out the Slash in Italian Project []