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slash-1.1.5-bender Released

posted by pudge on 05:59 PM March 2nd, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
A bunch of changes in the last couple of weeks. We are getting very close here, so check it out. Remember, this is a beta. Download via FTP or HTTP.
slash-1.1.5-bender, 2000.03.02

*	Bunches of changes for Makefiles, version numbers, textual

*	Removed CGI and CGI::Cookie for Apache modules and functions

*	Added getCurrentCookie and createCurrentCookie to exported
	functions from Slash::Utility

*	Added gensym to exported functions from Slash

*	Removed story/comment archiving, newcomments table

*	Removed dispStoryTitle template, rolling into dispStory templates

*	Fixed up error logging

*	Added "X-Powered-By: Slash" HTTP header

*	More fixes to PostgreSQL library

*	Changed DB connect to use connect_cached

*	Make some template options configurable in vars table
	(template_* vars)

*	Fix circular reference in Slash::Display calling
	Slash::Display::Plugin unnecessarily

*	Add option (default) to create new files as symlinks to the
	originals, instead of copying each file, for
	install-slashsite and install-plugin (and Slash::Install).

*	Added .shtml and .inc to site .conf, for MIME type and
	handling as server-parsed

*	Updated slash.conf to not include Compress::Zlib

*	Updated Bundle::Slash

*	Various fixes to Admin and Search

*	Added new vars and reworked when dailyStuff is run, using
	daily_last, daily_attime, daily_tz

*	Made poll on home page optionally display cached block,
	or hit DB to get current data (poll_cache var)

*	Fixed various bugs with templates
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  • I just installed 1.15 on a test box to check out the version and it works for the most part, except for a couple problems.

    1) new stories do not show up on the front page, with either or index.shtml. slashd seems to be running fine.

    2) Going to the baseroot directory always loads index.shtml, even if I have an acct. logged in. How does it check for the index page cookie? I don't see it in the apache configuration as it was in the 1.0x series.
  • Hi, as the title says, how do you upgarde from a previous Bender install? prefferebly without loosing your data?

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Look in the utils directory. There are a few utilities in there to upgrade your website (if you have done a lot of modifications though, forget getting anything more then your data out of your current site).
  • First thing, these are Betas and I would point out that we don't normally make much of a point of trying to worry about upgrading between Betas.
    As of version 1.1.5 though support for upgrading was improved a bit. 1.1.6 will have some minor changes to schema, but nothing that changes anything important (few size changes, some default values removed). The thing you need to watch out for are fixes in templates. You should see what templates have changed and look and see what the changes are (and either decide to either use them or not).

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You still don't get it do you? There is NO WAY to do upgrades. If you can't understand that perhaps you can understand this - "database schemas have changed, mechanisms have changed... even the templates' tpids have changed". For a software which depend on users' own code modifications, slashcode has evolved as if it's a Windows proggie. In a nutshell,

    welcome to upgrade hell.

    Then again, we chose this path. We deserved it.

    I do have an advice for those who are building their sites currently with bender. Stick with a version (better make it the most current). Make it work. Figure out how the system works. Fix the bugs yourself. Don't even bother about upgrading unless the new version has something you bet your life on (like Postgres support) which would be too difficult for you to implement. It's either that or forever be at the mercy of the whims of the slashcode developers.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    any chance that any upgrade scripts for existing 1.0.x sites were included?
  • Sounds like an issue with how you have mod_perl/apache set up. My guess is that you have mod_perl installed as a DSO.
    On a note about DSO, a number of people have found that mod_perl 1.25 and Apache 1.3.17 will let you run slash with mod_perl being a DSO. I would love to see more people confirm that.

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • ...and discovered to my horror the admin menu is not there... shudder...

    1.1.4 at least did not dissapoint me on the trivias.

  • Are you using the latest version of DBI?

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Apache wont restart with the SlashVirtualUser directive in place... anyone know why?
  • Did you enable the perl trans handler?

    You can't grep a dead tree.
  • Yeah, I'd love to switch my sites over and start running Bender, but I want to keep the data I have and not blow it all away.....

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    You have to manually specify it at install time for 1.1.5
  • with the latest CVS (after beta 1.1.16 came out) I still had the problem of new stories not appearing, but it was my fault as I did not add the "TZ=GMT \ export TZ" to safe_mysqld of step 1 in the new install when I installed the new version of mySQL. Everything is working good now.
  • Both issues: the base url not responding as if logged in and the new messages not appearing on the main page have been fixed in the CVS version. In other ways it is more responsive than the version of Bender just a couple of days older that is in the development distribution. I am hosting with Apache 1.3.14 with no problems now. As this is my first experience with Slash, I must take my hat off to the authors--you have created an amazing and incredibly functional package, thank you.
  • ok, I see that there are some scripts, but which one does what?

    The replaceblock one does?

    The script seems to be the one to run. If I made a backup, and ran that script, would that essentially convert everything to Bender format? I'm really only worried about stories and users. The blocks I can recreate.



    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way!
  • OK,

    2:47 am, here.... I just did overwrite the Bender 1.1.3 install with 1.1.5 due to some probs with not being able to delete Portald Blocks and having problems with the search...

    I have NOT done any SQL updating...

    following probs:

    Search is now totally hosed, returning every story there is, no matter what has been entered

    Fancyboxes are now hosed in netscape

    No titlebar anymore, I think I know the fix for that one, according to the changelog

    Still no search when you click on an Topic Icon :(

    Also when
  • There's a bunch of bugs in 1.1.5 (as one might expect), and we have found and are finding a lot more now that is running Bender. We should be posting a new beta next week, and there's always CVS (which 99 percent of the time contains usable code, but be forewarned that sometimes broken code gets committed by accident).
  • Got last nights CVS, seems to be working fine, just did a cut and paste from Mascon into Bender's Template window...

    Somehow I did break my IE5.x (latest on Win2k), it displays the "main page", but no matter what I do, when I click on read more I get an "empty" story display box... and none of the other perl stuff ain't working neither...(same prob when I go over to /., but not on slashcode) All works fine on other machines, just not mine, I guess thats M$ for you.

    Silly question, how come there is 2 set
  • I found it -- it's in the site configuration file that is included with apache. It says:

    # Enable the line below if you are worried about performance
    # PerlTransHandler Slash::Apache::IndexHandler

    I did that, and now instead of just going to index.shtml, it goes to the front page but there are no stories at all. Where the stories normally would be is:

    <!-- start template: ID , index;; -->

    <!-- end template: ID , index;; -->

    And going to, new stories I post still do not show up. Still looking into it and checking out the new changes. (using Extrans is causing all these extra lines)
  • Similar problem -- the stories are there, they just don't appear. I wonder if it's a requirements problem. The test machine I'm using is a P166 with 160MB RAM, Redhat 6.2. I don't think it matters if httpd or slashd is started first, since slashd runs periodically.
  • Hey davidt. As to 1., that is fixed in current CVS (a slashd problem). New stories SHOULD now appear. 2. is the commented-out directive in your site.conf, as Krow mentioned.
  • but now we know we slashcode users have traded power for upgrade hell.

    OK, I am going to elaborate a bit on what Krow said. He is absolutely right that these betas are not for upgrading.
    When we do release the software, upgrades will be much easier, and successive releases will be easier to upgrade, too.

    We've spent a few days fleshing out how to improve stuff in bin/ and utils/ so those utilities will be much easier to use. We are putting together a lot of docs. When is mostly stable, I will move use Perl over to Bender, and Cliff and I will put together some upgrade docs describing the process.