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Problems with the database

posted by CaptTofu on 08:56 AM August 14th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
David Lerner writes "I'm trying to get slashcode to work on and it seems like any database information is randomly generated from all the previous entries I have made... for example the colors constantly shift across the site, also changes to blocks seem to take affect and leave intermittantly. incidentally, when executing the slashdata_dump.sql command I get the following error: "ERROR 1136 at line 688: Column count doesn't match value count at Row 1" Has anyone seen this before? Are these problems related? - Dave"

First of all, what version of slash are you running? Secondly, the reason that you see your changes not take full affect is because you most likely didn't restart apache after making those changes. Since this is mod perl, blocks and colors are persistent, and if you change a block, or site colors, a restart is required for the code to read in the new values.

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  • I had some similar problems to the ones you were.

    The slashdata_dump.sql one sounds almost identical to what was happening to me. Make sure that the maximum file descriptors aren't set to low, try ulimit -a at a command line and see how many files you're allowed to have open. On openBSD I had to change it using something like sysctl -n unlimited (I think, it's been a while. I have to look it up every time I boot.)

    The best way I found to admin the site was to simultaneously have an su session open while making block and color changes. I used top to find the httpd that root started and kill -1 that every time a make a change. Worked great when making color changes especially.

    For some reason the colors on the default 'you've got slash' stories stayed maroon/gray, even after updating the colors multiple times to different schemes, so go ahead and delete those after putting up a few of your own and see what happens.

    If all else fails, double check all the permissions. I had quite a few problems that were solved simply by upping my max files and getting the permissions right.

    One question I have. Does anyone know how to start slashd as user "slash" in openBSD on boot? I figure it's something I have to put in the rc.local file but I haven't seen any documentation relating to how that's done.
  • We already have the data changed for the four extra fields in the database dump. I don't want to add DELETE lines, though. That can be dangerous if people run it by mistake. I'd rather people have more trouble reinitializing than lost their data.
  • The mod_perl restart fixed a problem I came looking to find (new topics would not come up when creating stories).

    The database stuff... Well, I should have sent a bug report but I fixed it just as I was going on vacation... I set up Slash as part of my company's intranet.

    Basically, there is an inconsistency between the database tables and the example data in the SQL files.

    In the file slashdata_dump.sql, the entries for the table, users_info, is missing the last four columns (m2 data). I simply added


    Jimmie Funk, Doctor of Soul