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Brian (aka Krow)
Use Perl

Brace For Impact
written by jamiemccarthy , posted by jamiemccarthy on Friday June 11, @08:40AM      
Those of you following CVS closely: don't do incautious updates in the near future. We're going to be committing a large chunk of code all at once, very soon now, and we guarantee it will break your site if you install it. Bear with us while we get everything up to speed. In a couple of weeks everything will be humming along smoothly.

(We're overhauling the section and topic system, replacing it with something more flexible.)

New R_ tag: 151


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conversion tools (Score:2)
by tf23 (175) <tf23NO@SPAMlottadot.com> on Monday June 14, @06:41AM (#6229)
( http://www.lottadot.com/ | Last Journal: Thursday June 17, @07:23AM )
I just looked at cvs this morning, it didn't look like the onslaught of new stuff has begun, yet.

What's the timeframe for conversion utils to convert older sites to this newer code/schema? Will we see conversion scripts come down the pipe along with the new code, or will there be a lag between the time the new stuff's out and the conv. stuff's written?

lottadot [lottadot.com]
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    Hmmm (Score:2)
    by ericdano (1000) on Wednesday June 16, @12:02AM (#6230)
    ( http://www.jazz-sax.com/ | Last Journal: Friday August 02, @09:31PM )
    Hmm, so, a 6 year old lazy short cut is about to be revisited and done correctly?

    It would be great to see a good, CSS overhaul while your at it ;-)

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.

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    • Re:Hmmm by pty (Score:1) Wednesday June 16, @09:12AM
      • Re:Hmmm by ericdano (Score:2) Wednesday June 16, @01:19PM
        • Re:Hmmm by jamiemccarthy (Score:1) Wednesday June 16, @03:34PM
        • Re:Hmmm by tf23 (Score:2) Wednesday June 16, @03:13PM
        geography? (Score:1)
        by ChristTrekker (1204) on Wednesday June 16, @04:12PM (#6235)

        Not sure what it would look like, but if it allows for geographical categorization as well, I'd be happy. This is a big consideration for a site I'm hoping to launch. I submitted the idea to the project on SF once but back then the response was "yeah right". I'll cross my fingers.

        Constitutionally Correct [constitutionparty.com] ⇐
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          changes are starting to show (Score:2)
          by tf23 (175) <tf23NO@SPAMlottadot.com> on Thursday June 17, @01:49PM (#6236)
          ( http://www.lottadot.com/ | Last Journal: Thursday June 17, @07:23AM )
          here's a snippet of what's changed [lottadot.com]

          lottadot [lottadot.com]
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          I'm not a robot like you. I don't like having disks crammed into me... unless they're Oreos, and then only in the mouth. -- Fry

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