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  • by misterorange (3825) on Thursday June 27 2002, @09:14AM (#5034)
    My Install Slashcode for Dummies [] guide which addresses your problem.

    But, in short, you seem to have two versions of perl, and/or mod_perl on your machine. mod_perl isn't sure which version to use, and so you get weird *.pm errors.

    There may be another explanation, because most to all of my errors I encountered came about during compiles/installs, so YMMV.

    • Yeah ;) I read your site yesterday, which helped me out a ton. Ironic this got posted a day later =P

      Now I'm getting an odd error in Slash/ saying that DBIx::Password isn't giving it a user. /sigh Reformatting and trying again, so hopefully it was just something stupid I did =\
      • I've found that if you followed the directions given in the tarball, it doesn't always work. It seems that if you install Bundle::Slash using CPAN, that it leaves out some items.

        Unfortunately, I didn't write them down. But I do remember that I was given a list of packages that weren't installed. I installed each of them manually, then re-installed DBIx::Password.

        In each case, that seemed to do it.

        Hope that helps...

         ..and The Serpent appeared in the form of a 7 layer burrito