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  • by Vladinator (1112) <> on Tuesday June 05 2001, @02:11PM (#2724) Homepage
    Development of our project stoped while we looked for anything at all that would not involve dealing with developers with bad attitudes. We were unable to find anything that we liked (there's lots of PHP/Nuke and asscoiated clone crap out there) so we are back to working on slash for Win32, codenamed GASH. A word to the wise - if you like slash, stay with slash. We have decided that we cannot work with the slash team and will not be actively trying to merge back anything we work on into slash's main CVS. This is basically going to be a fork. It will all be available (GPL still, of course) from sourceforge, but we're not going out of our way to work with anyone here. You can find our project on sourceforge at []. We have working code, but it's still very very raw and ugly. We're waiting a bit longer before the 0.1 release - I want it all to at least work before we put it out there. Keep checking sourceforge for updates.

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