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  • There is no doubt that is the most outstanding Slash site built since the introduction Slash 1.0. No one else has come close to implementing the number of new programmatic features or design innovations.

    I met with them a number of times while they were in development because we have mutual friends and Automatic Media and my company both have presences in the Metro NYC area. It was clear that they had the resources and the talent to produce a good Slash site. But, I had no idea how much they could get done.

    This ought to give all Slash-based site developers some hope. Given enough time and resources, all of us can achieve similar excellent results. But, it all comes down to eating your own dog food and knowing the code. If you don't actively make modifications, I don't think it's possible to pull off something like Plastic.



    Dave Aiello
    Chatham Township Data Corporation []