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  • by tf23 (175) <> on Tuesday June 05 2001, @07:39AM (#2715) Homepage Journal
    It's all about Trademarks. Companies have the right to defend something that they've taken the time and expense to trademark. That's the jist of it.

    Does it make them forcing you to take your site down ok, or minimally ($16k ouch!) defend yourself. I don't know, and I don't know the extent to what exactly happened.

    You always here about "the big corp going after the little guy". It's a bitch ain't it? The thing is, if you had started up a corporation, and trademarked that name, and OSU was trying to use it, you'd probably be pissed off. (I would be)

    The hard part is that us little guys hardly ever have the resources to defend ourselves against someone huge like that, even if we're right.

    But what this has to do with Slash, I don't know either. You could have got yourself into the same mess using any other web backend software.
    Hell, we all can :)

    lottadot []