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  • My solution was to set up djbdns [] to run a DNS server for my local network. The cache provides real DNS, plus I have a domain name of my own ("jamienet") that all my machines have machine names on.

    There are other ways to fake this. You could put a fake host name (with domain name) in all your /etc/hosts files (and on the Slash server, something like " localhost fakehost fakehost.fakedomain").

    • by steddyj (3989) on Tuesday July 16 2002, @03:36PM (#5104) Homepage
      Thanks, I'll look into that.

      I may have gotten around this anyway, I just registered a domain name that I've been thinking of claiming for a few years, but never really had a good reason to. As soon as the DNS info for that comes through I'll make a slash site to use that name.

      My concern now is if this is going to continue to happen even with a registered external domain name. I'm quite confused as to why Slash wasn't answering to external requests, or for that matter anything that asked for port 80 on that machine. Is it configured to only answer requests that include the FQDN that it was set to? I had assumed that the only reason for it knowing the FQDN was to make its own absolute URLs.

      If I have to create and configure my own internal DNS, I'll live with that, but I'd rather not if I don't have to. It just means reading more HOW-TOs and man pages... [sigh]