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  • How can you say slash would be the perfect architecture if you have no idea about how to go about doing what you're trying to do?

    But presuming slash's applicability... the first step would be to look at the database and see what's missing and what can be reused. Once that's done you'd start implementing the different elements of the interface. These same steps would apply to just about anything you'd want to do.


    • I understand the slash architecture in the sense that it allows users to submit stories much like a bulletin board and is self-regulated. I am admittingly ignorant to the backend or the inner workings of slash, however, if you look at it seems to me that slash is a lot like this architecture but far superior. I appreciate your suggestion and would appreciate other suggestions related the setting this up with mysql, mod_perl, and apache. Basically I'm looking for someone willing to help me with this project because the site is not that difficult to maintain and this seems like a good business plan with the potential to make some extra money!
      • I personally found the O'Reilly book on slash [] very helpful in learning how slash works. Once you've gotten that under your belt, figuring out the rest should be pretty self-evident.
      • Well, at least a few other companies have tried to make paid question-answer services, and eventually failed. It might just have been that they were expecting a little too much (maintainence is much much more expensive with a full staff and multiple servers). But the service also really doesn't work unless you can get enough "experts" or "researchers". I'm far from being a buisiness expert, but there's the usual administrative burden dealing with the transfer of money ... well, expect this to use up a lot of your free time if you're doing it with only a few people. In terms of mysql, mod_perl, and apache, it really depends on how your site is set up. If money is involved, I'd definately want it to be secure and separate the payment database from rest of Slash. But again, I really don't know anything about this either, so this is broad advice. Think about the non-Slash stuff first, like whether you're using credit-card or PayPal or something else.